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                               Reader Mail

From: "John V. Pickett" <>
Subject: Amiga Report

Thank you for all the hard work you & J.Compton do on AR.  As an Amiga 500
owner still stuck with 1.3.  I look forward to every issue.  I hve lived in
places that had only a bbs to get it from & it was my only link to Amiga
news.  Thank you both :) Take care & have a great Day.  :)

John V. Pickett
Amiga 500 Powered ! 
The Truth is out there.

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From: "Kennedy, James" <>

Jason (& Co),

Thankyou for providing a current and accurate source of Amiga information,

The Amiga has some real strengths with well received concepts like Aminet,
Fred Fish and Amiga Report --these resources should be treasured and give
the Amiga a real global feel, rather than fragmented around the planet.

I need to know what has happened to Sunrise Audio (The AD516 audio cards
etc) and what may happen.  For the past 5 years my only reason for wanting
to get into Amiga was to implement Sunrise Audio as a digital recording
studio.   Time and again I have investigated other platforms or standalone
solutions.   They are either more expensive or don't cut it like AD516.
And now finally I can afford it...  and they seem to have gone broke!  Last
week I purchased a Mac/Power Mac magazine to check their progress and looks
like they have almost caught up in the features & cost, but still not quite
so I still want to buy Sunrise Audio.  I think the Amiga has been
tremendously undervalued as a powerful music platform, and Microsoft buying
Blue Ribbon out is a REAL worry.  Since the new Amigas promise PCI buses
(please include a couple Zorro III as well or develop Zorro IV to be a
superset of PCI and Zorro III ESCOM!), Amiga developers should note the MAC
products are mainly Nubus still --so is anyone planning an Amiga/Mac/PC PCI
direct to disk recorder system while the starting line's even?

ESCOM please note --music is an area that can be marketed because muso's
aren't always so worried about compatible platforms, they just want a
friendly solution that works, and there are so many industry standards for
music (digitised formats, MIDI, etc) that platforms just don't matter much.
In fact artistic people often love the idea they are using something
different to the crowd.

High Quality audio is also an important part of Video production, and this
is supposed to be one of the Amigas' strengths --but what good is it if we
have to resort to non-Amiga solutions for audio?


Jim Kennedy

>>  To my knowledge, SunRize went out of business.  There is a press
>>  release for a new dedicated 16-bit audio card for non-linear editing in
>>  this issue, however.  -Jason

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From: Roger Long <>

Would you happen to know the answers to the following questions:
1) What happened to the law suit that was going to be brought against Gould
    and Ali for their mis-management of Commodore?

2) Reportedly, Gould and Ali had taken out insurance on themselves to help
   protect themselves from any liability resulting from CBM's closure.
   Was this true?

>>  #2 was very true, and pretty much precluded #1 from being carried out.

3) A smaller, but still relevant portion of the CBM properies is the
   Commodore 64 and 128 computers.  Many people are still interested in
   them, still use them, and still want to add to them.  (I use my C128 and
   my A3000 about equally, though for Internet access, the Amiga wins.)
   The 10 and 20 MHz accelerators are due out by the end of February.

   Has Amiga Technologies made a decision as to what to do with the rights
   for the 8-bit line?

>>  There was that plan to make them in China but that seems to have fallen 
>>  through.  They apparently licensed the ROMs, because Activision recently 
>>  released a 64 emulator pack.

4) Our local Amiga club received one of the "4000 Reasons To Own an Amiga"
   T-Shirt, and I won it.  So, I know 2 of the 4000 reasons:
   #573=Videography, and #1098=Animation.

   Is there a list of those 4000 Reasons?  (If not, it's another example of
   failed CBM follow-through on marketing.)

>>  Never heard of that campaign, I'm afraid.  -Jason