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    compt.sys.editor.desk                          By:  Jason Compton 

First, the good news.  The licensing deal with Viscorp, the North America
set-top manufacturer, has gone through.  Viscorp will be using parts of the
AGA chipset in their "Ed" device, a set top designed to bring lots of neat
applications to home users through ordinary phone lines rather than waiting
for everyone to run out for ISDN or for a mystical nationwide fiber optic
cable network to materialize.

Second, the even better news.  Amiga Technologies beat everyone to the
punch and assembled the Amiga Surfer A1200 pack, an Amiga 1200 with a nice
suite of hardware and software for a decent price, all with the aim of
getting people on the net.

060 accelerators are coming out in decent quantities, some new hardware is
starting to surface, and software development is continuing where it

However, Wonder Computers of Canada is in bankruptcy.  For the official
word, the press release is included in the issue.

Wonder meant a lot to the North American Amiga market, and for both the
health of the market and personal reasons (as a contract employee who,
after all, enjoys being paid), I hope their reorganization plan goes

If there's one thing I've learned on the side, however, it's just how large
of an impact a situation like this can cause for other companies.  Wonder
isn't just leaving its customers and its employees in a fairly
uncomfortable position, but its creditors as well--including other Amiga

Obviously, I hope and trust that this will be taken care of.  But the real
message here is that the Amiga industry, like any other, is not comprised
of a bunch of disjoint individuals and companies, but is very
interconnected, intertwined, and interdependent.  Had we not been, the
Amiga market would never have survived the collapse of Commodore.  And
unless we all continue to support the Amiga companies out there who are
counting on us--and each other--the whole delicate stack of china could
come crashing down.

I'm gunning for that not to happen.  Who's with me?