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Amiga Technologies 
Date: 10 January 1996

Amiga Technologies are to relocate their offices from Maidenhead to
Stansted as from Monday January 29th 1996.

Full address and telephone numbers will be given once new telephone lines
have been established as we will occupy part of the Escom building, close
to Stansted Airport, which are more spacious and prestigious than those we
have currently.

Stansted has always been a consideration but Maidenhead allowed the company
to become up and running more quickly last year for the re-emergence of
Amiga computers.

As there is a team of approximately forty people in Germany supporting
areas such as finance, product evaluation and technical support, some staff
will not relocate.

John Smith / Jonathan Anderson

[In plain English, all but two Amiga Technologies UK staff are no longer
working for the company. -Jason]