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[Persistence of Vision is a cross-platform project to create a free
rendering package.  We hope to run a review in the near future. -Jason]

Persistence of Vision RayTracer verison 3.0 is currently nearing completion
on most platforms, including an updated command-line version for Amigas.  A
GUI version is being worked on also (GUI renderer, as yet no modeller) for
release soon thereafter.  The 3.0 Amiga version is being developed with
full support for OCS/ECS/AGA and CyberGFX displays, and will take advantage
of windowing and color sharing on WB3.0 systems. 

Currently beta-testing is being done on versions for
68020,68020/881,68030/882, and 68040.  For release the 68020 plain version
will probably be downgraded to 68000 version, for usability on any Amiga
system (provided enough memory is present).

Information on the features new to V3.0 and some sample images are
contained in an archive called 'pov3prev.lha' in the gfx/3d section of
Aminet.  Information is also presented on the groups FTP and WWW sites,
'' and ''.  The team asks that inquiries as
to release date be withheld: as soon as it's done it will be on the net,
Amiga versions will hit Aminet within hours of completion.

Amazing Computing/Amiga magazine's December issue highlighted an article
about this renderer, but covered only version 2.2, and failed to mention
that 3.0 is under beta testing, expected to be released early 1st q quarter
1996, and incorrectly lists Dave Park as the Amiga representative (he left
the team after V2.2)

Joel NewKirk