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AmiTrix                   PRESS RELEASE                January 02, 1996

          Amiga-Link/Envoy Networking Package Price Reduction

AmiTrix Development is pleased to announced they have just reduced the
price of their Amiga-Link/Envoy networking package for all Amigas.

Amiga-Link is a complete solution to your Amiga peer-to-peer networking
needs.  With the included software and hardware, you can share your hard
drives, printers, and also run other network applications as well.  The
package is compatible with all Amigas, using the external floppy port for
maximum compatibility across all models, while keeping the rest of the
ports available for their intended uses.

The Amiga-Link package comes with both the standard AmigaLink software and
also the Amiga Envoy software.  The Amigalink software's advantage is that
it works with Amiga WB 1.3, providing compatibility with older machines.
Amiga Envoy requires 2.04 or higher, but provides superior reliability,
device sharing, and an API that allows for the development of third-party
networking applications, with many already available.

New MSRP for the basic 2 unit package is $275.00 US, or $350.00 CAN.

Expansion kits, floppy port splitters, cable options and accesories are
also available.

Dealer and Educational Institution inquiries welcomed.

For more information or ordering AmiTrix products, contact us at:

AmiTrix Development,
5312 - 47 Street,
Beaumont, Alberta, T4X 1H9

Phone or Fax: 1+ 403-929-8459

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