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    compt.sys.editor.desk                          By:  Jason Compton 

I really really wanted to kick off Amiga Report's fourth year of
publication (wow, that sounds cool to say) on a rip-roaringly positive

Unfortunately, 1996 arrived rather unremarkably for Amiga users worldwide.
While new releases are showing up, none are doing so with any great
fanfare.  News from Amiga Technologies has been virtually nonexistant--and
what news there is, is bad.  Almost all of AT's UK office has been
released, AT UK now consists of two people at one of Escom UK's facilities.

Australian Amiga 1200s are reportedly selling at less than a breakneck
pace, but they ARE selling.  North America has yet to see Amiga
Technologies A1200s released, but more than one company has been able to
procure unsold Commodore stock.  4000T delivery has been slowed by the
major snowstorm in the Pennsylvania area, so SMG says.

In Europe, everyone is waiting to hear great things about the imminent (?)
A1200+ and even greater things about the progress of the PowerPC project.
Instead, we're eating static.

Amiga Atlanta's 10th anniversary banquet is just a few short days away.
It'll be fun to see Dave Haynie and Fred Fish again, as well as the AAI
crew and the guests at the banquet.  I need to write a speech between now
and then, and of course will have a report when I return for AR 4.02.

Meanwhile, enjoy Amiga Report's first entry into the new year!  May 1996 be
better than all other years for the Amiga.  50 weeks to go...


P.S. Over the Christmas holiday, both of Amiga Report's listservs were
lost--the machines were taken out of service by powers greater than ours or
our list maintainers.  If