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Kai Iske
Brucknerstrasse 18
63452 Hanau
Tel.: +49-(0)6181-850181



MagicCX is the definite commodity/system enhancer for any Amiga running OS
2.x or better.  It is a very powerful and flexible system.  MagicCX is a
multifunctional commodity/tool collection which is somehow unique as it
does not contain all the functions offered, but has the main
functions/features built into external modules, so that users may configure
MagicCX to their needs.  MagicCX is the successor of KCommodity, which was
a multifunctional commodity/tool, too.  The program offers a lot more
functions than KCommodity.  All of the functions known from KCommodity were
put into MagicCX and were enhanced, of course.

Some of the main features the program offers are: CycleToMenu, PhoneBill
(Modem conntect monitoring with cost calculation), Screen/Window Grabber,
AnalogClock, Calendar, Window manipulation functions of all sort (like
cycling, activating, hunting for windows), Screen Blanker with
Blanker/Dimmer and several external blanker modules, Mouse blanker, Screen
Selector type facilities, ToolAlias, ARexx control, Titlebar clock,
Function keys, Exploding Windows, Keystroke clicker, WBGauge, system wide
String gadget enhancements, and much, much more.

  *** MagicCX is an SASG product ***

- It incorporates many, many features known from
  other commodities/tools, while offering new, unseen

- External preferences program allows full control
  over MagicCX and all the functions.

- It offers a special module design, known from
  Workbench. You may install/use modules/functions
  by simply dragging them to a Modules directory, if
  not used, move them to a storage directory.

- Localized under OS 2.1 and up. English, German, French,
  Danish, and Swedish translations available

- Compact system installation. Only a few files
  will be spread around your system. All others
  are kept in a single directory (Configurable)

- Only basic functions (window activation and such)
  are built into the main program. The remaining
  features were put into external modules

- MagicCX comes with 28 (for now) different modules
  you may choose from.

- Flexible blanker system with two internal blankers
  and 25 (for now) external blanker modules

- Utilizes powerful gadget layout library (gtlayout.library)

- ...and much, much more


- 7 new powerful modules

- 5 new blanker modules

- plenty of fixes, enhancements, improvements

- Actually too much to mention here, take a look at the
  history file, which is approximately 27KB in size, just
  mentioning changes from 1.1 to 1.2


OS 2.x and up (Harddisk recommended but not needed)


Any AmiNet site, for example: (637444 Bytes)


Shareware according to SASG prices

SASG is the Standardized Amiga Shareware Group, formed by several Shareware
authors, who whish to supply powerful software to the Amiga Community at
standard prices.  More information about SASG and it`s goals may be found
within the archive.

- DM   30.-
- FF   120.-
- SFr  30.-
- #    15.-
- US$  20.-
- Aus$ 30.-


(Keyfile protected, all features available for evaluation)