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              Announcement : The International Amiga Society

Fun, Fame & Furious

Tired of the usuall dull and boring technical information found on most
Amiga webpages?  Tired of pages that never updates or get refreshed?
Looking for something to waste some time on?  Well then, read on!

This is the annoncement of the first 'infotainment' webpage dedicated to
the Amiga only.  You might have read about it back in AmigaReport 3.19, but
until now, I have been busy figuring out how to organize, design and set up
the service.

The object of the webpage is to create a place that everyone can stop for a
few minutes and enjoy themselves.  All (or most) text is dedicated directly
to the computer we all love - the Amiga.  Anecdotes, stories, tricks, how
someone has used his or her Amiga in a specially clever or different way,
people on other platforms stupidity, amazing hardware and software, records
of computerkind, etc., etc.  To simply put it: as long as it either fun or
interesting, and involves the Amiga in some way, it qualifies for the page!

Currently only a few articles have been added, but already the page is
shaping up.  However, it's now we are coming to the main point: how much I
ever want, I can't collect and supply information in the amount needed!  I
need help to make this happen!

This is not my page!  This is OUR page!  If you like it, and want it to
survive, YOU must contribute!  If you don't like the appearance, atleast
tell me!  If I get many diffrent suggestions, I'll arrange a voting!  But
without feedback it's impossible to know what to do.

So, how is this page maintained?  Well, the main reason why most homepages
never or seldom gets updated, is that the person responsible for it either
works in an alien and/or unfriendly environment, ie.  Unix and PC, or that
the process for uploading the information to the www directory (usually the
homedirectory) involves so many cumbersome steps that only the thought of
doing it, discourages even the most determinded writer.

I soon realised this and developed an arexx script that automatically
checks if there is files to upload or directories to make, and
simultaenously maintaines the files, inserts datestrings etc.  In the
development is also a routine that creates and maintaince a history index,
which contains links to each article that have been uploaded.  This makes
it easier (not to say possible!) to resume reading from the previous
location.  Ok, if you have a giant setting for your global history file in
your web browser, you may maybe succed in remembering which articles you
have read but I doubt it.  The history index file will contain links in
historical order (hence the name :) and an user can jump in reading from
the date of the latest visit.

What is now the name of this amazing page?  Well, actually it has no real
name sofar, only a work name: 'Funny Stories', which I after long
discussions have determinded to discard.  If you have a suggestion, please
tell me.

Check out the page at:

Although this URL is subject to change, it will be valid for the
predictable future.  Contributions, questions, suggestions, etc.  can be
sent to:

and mail of private nature should be sent to:

 Once again: I need YOUR contribution! NOW!     (Sounds like Uncle Sam :)

 * Johan Torin - Halmstad, Sweden - *