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Xoper 2.6


Xoper 2.6 (17.11.95) by Werner Guenther and Gunther Nikl


Copyright (c) 1988-92 by
Werner Guenther
Copyright (c) 1993-95 by
Gunther Nikl, Ziegendorfer Chaussee 96, D-19370 Parchim, Germany.


Xoper is a system monitor to display various system lists.  For example, it
can show all running tasks with their cpu usage.  Xoper not only displays a
list of all tasks but it can show other system lists from Exec, DOS or
Intuition as well.  Some examples are the port list, available windows and
screens, and DOS-devices.


This release is mainly to fix bugs (for a complete list consult the guide).

One important change affects the CLI start.  Xoper now uses a new technique
to detach itself from the CLI that is officially supported by the system. 
For those who do not like detaching, Xoper offers a new option `KEEPIO' to
disable that feature.


The program requires at least version 1.2 (V33) of the operating system.


Aminet, eg.


Xoper 2.6 is FREEWARE


It is illegal to distribute this program on disks which cost more than US
$5 per floppy disk, or more than US $20 per CD.


This software is provided as-is, without warranty of any kind, either
expressed or implied.  In no event will the author be liable for direct,
indirect, incidental or consequential damages or data loss resulting from
the use or application of this software.  The entire risk as to the results
and performance of this software is assumed by the user.