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SMG North American Dealer List

[We don't plan to make a habit of this, as it's a rather large list.
However, running the SMG North American dealer list from time to time may
at least encourage other distributors to do the same.  It's also
interesting to see the appearance of CEI as well as the apparent expansion
of SMG into Japan.  -Jason]

From: SMG / InTouch Systems <>

Date:     December 29, 1995
To:       All - Please Distribute Widely
Subject:  Authorized Dealers as of December  29, 1995
From:     Service Management Group

This is the latest list of Authorized Dealers for Amiga products.   We are
signing up dealers and processing orders daily.  Please check frequently
for new dealers.

     Dealer Name                  City           State/Prov    Phone    New

  Computer Shop of Calgary, Ltd.  Calgary          AB  CAN  403-243-4356
  Wonder Computers, Inc.          Calgary          AB  CAN  403-253-0009 *
  A 1 Computers                   Edmonton         AB  CAN  403-448-0632
  Software Supermart              Edmonton         AB  CAN  403-425-0691
  Desktop Computing               Red Deer         AB  CAN  403-342-4444
  VFX Video, Inc.                 Richmond         BC  CAN  604-244-3000
  Wonder Computers, Inc.          Richmond         BC  CAN  604-279-4240 *
  J.L. Fotovideo Camera Ctrs.     Winnipeg         MB  CAN  204-475-8730
  Corey's Computing               Winnipeg         MB  CAN  204-654-3194
  Young Monkey Studio             Fredericton      NB  CAN  506-459-7088
  Animax Multimedia, Inc.         Dartmouth        NB  CAN  902-468-2629 *
  Atlantis Kobetek, Inc.          Halifax          NS  CAN  902-422-6556
  Legendary Design Technologies   Brantford        ON  CAN  919-753-6120
  The Computer & You              Etobicoke        ON  CAN  416-231-0205
  Forest Diskasaurus              Forest           ON  CAN  519-786-2454
  J.L. Fotovideo Camera Ctrs.     Hamilton         ON  CAN  905-575-3000
  Altair Electronics, Ltd.        Kingston         ON  CAN  613-384-3876
  D.F. Technologies               London           ON  CAN  519-439-3181
  Wonder Computers, Inc.          London           ON  CAN  519-681-0004 *
  Cancom Audio Visual Inc.        Markham          ON  CAN  905-470-0466
  APIX Systems                    North York       ON  CAN  416-750-9909
  National Amiga Canada           Oakville         ON  CAN  905-845-1949
  Media Direct                    Orillia          ON  CAN  705-327-7583
  Wonder Computers, Inc.          Ottawa           ON  CAN  613-596-2542 *
  Valley Soft                     Pembroke         ON  CAN  613-732-7700
  Wonder Computers, Inc.          Scarborough      ON  CAN  416-286-0001 *
  Atlas Computers & Consulting    Sudbury          ON  CAN  705-522-1923
  OBY's Amigo Computing Shop      Sudbury          ON  CAN  705-524-5826
  Electronics 2000                Thunder Bay      ON  CAN  807-577-1759
  Comspec Communications          Toronto          ON  CAN  416-785-3553
  Randomize Computers             Tottenham        ON  CAN  905-939-8391
  Centre Maxi-Mini                Amos             QU  CAN  819-732-6464
  Informatique Richard Lamond     Lac Des 16 Iles  QU  CAN  514-226-7506
  Gfx Base Electronics            LaSalle          QU  CAN  514-367-2575
  Wonder Computers, Inc.          Montreal         QU  CAN  514-279-0002 *
  Electromike, Inc.               Quebec           QU  CAN  418-681-4138
  Info Plus                       Trois-Rivieres   QU  CAN  819-373-0894
  System Compbac, Inc.            Tokyo                JPN  81-33837-868
  SoftWood, Inc.                  Phoenix          AZ  USA  800-247-8314
  Troxell Communications, Inc.    Phoenix          AZ  USA  602-437-7240
  Wentek                          Scottsdale       AZ  USA  602-483-7200
  Transdata Systems Co., Ltd.     Anaheim          CA  USA  714-630-8711
  Visionsoft                      Carmel           CA  USA  408-626-2633
* The Lively Computer             La Mesa          CA  USA  619-589-9455
  IHD Global Computer Center      National City    CA  USA  619-477-0402
  Applied Computer Systems        North Highlands  CA  USA  916-338-2000
* TS Computers                    North Hollywood  CA  USA  818-760-4445
  Alex Electronics                Paradise         CA  USA  916-872-0896
  La Bine Productions             Rialto           CA  USA  909-355-9756
  Wave Systems                    San Diego        CA  USA  619-495-9238
  Megagem                         Santa Maria      CA  USA  805-349-1104
  Anti Gravity Products           Santa Monica     CA  USA  310-393-9747
  Compuhelp Computers             Van Nuys         CA  USA  818-901-0280
  The Computer Room               Aurora           CO  USA  303-696-8973
  Davis Audio-Visual, Inc.        Denver           CO  USA  303-455-1122
  Softown, Inc.                   Danbury          CT  USA  203-797-8080
  Derrick Electronics             Hamden           CT  USA  203-248-7227
  Videology                       Newtown          CT  USA  203-270-9000
* Infotronics                     Woodbury         CT  USA  203-263-5350
  DeVine Computer Sales           Newark           DE  USA  302-738-9046
  Eagle Computers & Video         Melbourne        FL  USA  407-951-9732
  Harddrivers Co.                 Merrit Island    FL  USA  407-453-5805
  Centennial Video Systems        Miami            FL  USA  305-633-2200
* Creative Equipment, Intl.       Miami            FL  USA  305-266-2800
  Miami Picture & Sound company   Miami            FL  USA  305-666-4055
* Computer Video Associates       Pinellas Park    FL  USA  813-576-5242
  Showcase Video                  Atlanta          GA  USA  404-325-7676
* ACS Computer & Video            Norcross         GA  USA  404-263-9190
  Hawkeye Communications          Coralville       IA  USA  319-354-3354
  Computer Advantage              Des Moines       IA  USA  515-252-6167
  Commodore Computer Center       Boise            ID  USA  208-342-3401
  Maxximum Video Creations        Boise            ID  USA  208-322-3091
  Blackrock Computers Plus        Pocatello        ID  USA  208-323-0012
  Trend Port U.S.                 Algonquin        IL  USA  708-854-9671
  MicroTech Solutions             Aurora           IL  USA  708-851-3033
* Micro-PACE, Inc.                Champaign        IL  USA  217-356-1884
  Select Solutions                Champaign        IL  USA  800-322-1261
  Ring Video Systems              Riverside        IL  USA  708-442-0009
  Digital Arts                    Bloomington      IN  USA  812-330-0124
  R.C. Instruments                Cicero           IN  USA  317-984-9400
  Desktop Video Systems           Lenexa           KS  USA  913-782-8888
  Mission Electronics, Inc.       Lenexa           KS  USA  913-894-8480
  Video Lab                       Shawnee          KS  USA  913-631-0045
  Smith Audio Visual, Inc.        Topeka           KS  USA  913-235-3481
  Icon Computers & Software       Bridgewater      MA  USA  508-697-6060
  Crimson Tech                    Cambridge        MA  USA  617-868-5150
  The Camera Company              Norwood          MA  USA  617-769-7810
  Kipp Visual Systems             Gaithersburg     MD  USA  301-670-7906
  EMH Systems                     Auburn           ME  USA  207-784-2048
  Amiga Crossing                  Cumberland       ME  USA  207-829-3959
  Thalner Electronic Labs         Ann Arbor        MI  USA  313-761-4506
  Slipped Disk                    Madison Heights  MI  USA  810-546-3475
  Spectrum Computer Product       Prudenville      MI  USA  517-366-8569
  Alpha Video                     Edina            MN  USA  800-388-0008
  A/V Solutions                   St. Paul         MN  USA  612-698-1175
  Data Grafix                     Sprintfield      MO  USA  417-882-1899 *
  VIP Systems, Inc.               Chapel Hill      NC  USA  919-968-9477
  Magic Page Products             Winston-Salem    NC  USA  910-785-3695
  Amicom Computer Technology      Omaha            NE  USA  402-556-6160
  Sir Render A/V                  Mays Landing     NJ  USA  609-625-0472
  KBI Systems                     Mountainside     NJ  USA  908-654-3600
  Electro-Tech                    Las Vegas        NV  USA  702-435-3201
  The Microworks                  Buffalo          NY  USA  716-873-1856
  Mr. Hardware                    Central Islip    NY  USA  516-234-8110
  Area 52, Inc.                   Coram            NY  USA  516-476-1615
  Amigo Business Computers        East Northport   NY  USA  516-757-7334
  Better Concepts, Inc.           Garnerville      NY  USA  914-786-1711
  Armato's Pro Video              Glendale         NY  USA  718-628-6800
  Revels-Bey Music                Hempstead        NY  USA  516-565-9404
  CTL Electronics                 New York         NY  USA  212-233-0754
  Tri-State Camera, Inc.          New York         NY  USA  212-633-2290
  Seismic Business Systems        Poughkeepsie     NY  USA  914-462-4518
  T.J.'s Unlimited                Rochester        NY  USA  716-225-5810
  Copperhead Technologies         Schenectady      NY  USA  518-346-3894
  Tronix Micro Systems            Sloan            NY  USA  716-668-8176
  Paxtron Corporation             Spring Valley    NY  USA  914-578-6522
  Software Link, Inc.             White Plains     NY  USA  914-683-2512
  Compuquick Media Center         Columbus         OH  USA  614-235-1180
  Neather Realm Software          Cuyahoga Falls   OH  USA  216-928-1738
  Industrial Video, Inc.          Lorain           OH  USA  216-233-4000
  Penguin Music Store #3          Toledo           OH  USA  419-882-0961
* Clackamas Computers             Clackamas        OR  USA  503-650-0379
  Magic Box, Inc.                 Corvallis        OR  USA  541-752-5654
  Computer Users                  Springfield      OR  USA  541-726-8500
  Computer Discount Center        Erie             PA  USA  814-899-6437
  British Magazine Dist., Inc.    Hermitage        PA  USA  412-962-1218
  The Lerro Corporation           Norristown       PA  USA  610-650-4100
  CDR Systems                     Pittsburgh       PA  USA  412-351-1700
  Mega Bytes                      Pittsburgh       PA  USA  412-653-9050
  J&C Repair                      Rockton          PA  USA  814-583-5838
  Electronic Connection           West Reading     PA  USA  610-372-1010
  Kasara Microsystems             Hilton Head      SC  USA  803-842-5058
  Via Video Interaction           Knoxville        TN  USA  423-687-4328
* Computer Ease                   Corpus Christi   TX  USA  512-882-2275
* Metropolitan Computer Products  Dallas           TX  USA  214-702-9119
  Microsearch                     Houston          TX  USA  713-988-2818
  Computer Wise, Inc.             Logan            UT  USA  801-752-2500
  Dewberry's Computers & Supplies Danville         VA  USA  804-799-0502
  Whitlock Group, The             Richmond         VA  USA  804-273-9100
  Spectral Multimedia, Inc.       Bellevue         WA  USA  206-451-4075
  Amiga Northwest Studio          Bothell          WA  USA  206-488-5664
  MS Digital                      Edmonds          WA  USA  206-742-7051
  Envision PC Consulting          Lynnwood         WA  USA  206-469-6775
  Omni International Trading      Seattle          WA  USA  206-217-0607
  Zipperware                      Seattle          WA  USA  206-223-1107
  Camera Corner, Inc.             Green Bay        WI  USA  414-435-5353
  Images in Motion, Inc.          Waukesha         WI  USA  414-798-9400
* Safe Harbor                     Waukesha         WI  USA  800-544-6599
  Taylor Pro Audio / Video        Wauwatosa        WI  USA  414-778-0944

Any of these dealers can process your Amiga order.  If your local dealer
does not appear on the list, encourage them to sign up.

Dealer Sign-up: Dealers can request an application by faxing their request
to the SMG at (410) 992-9979 or (410) 715-6859.  Make your request on
company letterhead.  Be sure to include your name, address, telephone and
fax numbers.

Dealers can contact us via phone at (410) 715-6850, via Fax at (410)
992-9979 or (410) 715-6850, via Internet email at,
or via CompuServe mail at 72060,3271.