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          X Patch preview
  "Intuition windows with X look"

  Author: Kenneth C. Nilsen /

This patch is written to give all the intuition windows a X-window look. 
It does not emulate a X11 terminal or similar.  There is already great
software on the AmiNet which will do that.

This patch will draw new borders, titlebar, depth-, close- and zip-gadgets
to all windows so it will look like a "Motive X" window.

The patch offer options which enable you to configure it to look as your
taste require.


 Active                    - enables the patch
 Pop front when activated  - make window the frontmost when activated
 Jump back when inactive   - when inactive, jump to back
 Inner frame               - draws a inner frame along the borders
 Pre-set window            - preplace window before it opens
 Option menu in window     - make a project menu in the window
 Minimize gadget           - for future use (emulates the ->AppIcon)
 Bone mark in broder       - makes a little bonemark in the borders
 Title left                - align text to left (default in the middle)
 Title right               - align text from right

 Force clean up - This special function will parse the task list when
                  hitting the "Cleanup" button.  The task name for the
                  window is stored in an internal structure and if the task
                  is not found the window will be closed.  This can be
                  ignored with special treatment.

 Colors   - select colors for borders, fill, title etc.
 Sizes    - width/height of borders, size gadgets etc.
 Font     - font for title
 Cleanup  - check for leftover windows
 Test     - tests your current options

 Special treatment:

This listview contain windows that shall be treated with special options. 
A window can be ignored by the patch if the window refuse to get patched,
or you can set private options for each window.

Some windows will may crash when using the patch.  If so, add it to the
list and set ignore.  Most window will work though if they follow the

The patch will add a few pixels in width and height and force the drawing
plane to be inside the borders (which the intuition doesn't).  The border
width and height fields are set so the host programs can easily adjust
their gadgets and graphics to fit within the window borders.

Note: Some programs will handle their own windows in their own way, add
gadgets etc.  like the MUI windows.  These windows can be ignored by this
patch if wanted.


The "brain" is a server which controls window moving, activation and the
gadgets.  To graphically patch a window causes many difficult tasks.  It
have to "emulate" the intuiton gadgets and the active/inactive modes to
update the borders correctly and to let the programs know when the eg.
closegadget is hit.

The patch will not use any BOOPSI class, so the server will send input
events to the active window port by the input.device.

When you move a window the server has to emulate the move too.  This can
have advantages such as eg.  moving the whole contents of a window, or to
make a nicer grid when moving it.  These functions are not yet implemented,
but the possibilities are there (opaque window).

Sizing the window will be a pleasure.  You can size it from any corner as
long as the size option is enabled by the host program.

As I mentioned, you can pre-place the window.  This means you'll get a
frame of the window in its actual size as it will be when opened.  You can
now move the frame anywhere and press the left mouse button, and the window
will appear at this place.  This will of course override the tag settings.
If the tags will not allow a dragbar, this option will be ignored.


Currently you can only get a demo version of the patch on AmiNet in
util/wb/XwinDemo.lha.  This demo only opens a window with the x-window
look.  The only gadget which is working is the close gadget.  If you have
the XSize commodity installed you can resize it too.

I will try to get finished a beta release in February next year (1996).  At
the moment I have a lot to do so I have not much time to work on the patch,
but I will try to get it done as soon as possible.

If you have suggestions, ideas, comments or critism, just e-mail me: Note
that things previewed here are subjects to change.

The Amiga is still alive!