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for immediate release

December 1995

The Amiga Surfer: Amiga goes Internet

Amiga Technologies will release The new Amiga 1200 bundle "Amiga Surfer" in

The package includes an Amiga 1200 with 2MB RAM, a 260 MB harddrive and a
14.400 Baud modem as well as a complete Internet bundle that will enable
the user to access to all popular Internet services.  Web-Surfing, FTP file
transfer (new drivers, updates, patches, shareware and freeware), IRC
electronic teleconferencing with unlimited amount of participants and email
with graphic, sound and animation support.

To make the start-up as easy as possible, a country specific telephone
cable is provided with the modem.  Before accessing to the Internet, the
user can register himself at IBM and will receive, if he registers before
31st of March, a credit of 100 free access hours.

For any question, the customer can access our homepage anytime and consult
most actual information.

The package also contains the popular "Amiga Magic" bundle of productivity
software, featuring a word processor, a spreadsheet, a database, an
organizer and a graphic program.

The complete system, including the Amiga 1200, the productivity and
Internet software, the modem and connection with free credits will be
available from retail at a price of DM 1198.- incl.  15% VAT.

Contact :

Gilles Bourdin   Tel +49 6252 709 195
Amiga Technologies  Fax +49 6252 709 520
Berliner Ring 89  email:
D-64625 Bensheim  HTTP://