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DiskProtection V1.1


Patrick Ohly
Weechstr. 1, WG E0/1
76131 Karlsruhe

Tel.: +49 721 615662
IRC: Irish


DiskProtection encrypts data totally invisible for the user while writing
to disk.  All blocks are encrypted, so the directories are protected, too.
DiskProtection supports all exec devices, i.e.  harddrive partititions,
floppy disks, but not the RAM-disk.  Any filesystem can be used.

It features:
 - encryption with IDEA, FEAL, DES
 - (XPK-)interface for additional algorithms
 - configurable with easy to use preferences program
 - encryption can be changed anytime
 - resident passwords (for use with mailboxes)
 - access protection
 - builtin screenblanker
 - GUI driven, localized
 - German and English documentation (ASCII, DVI, AmigaGuide)
 - context sensitive online help
 - ...


Bug fixes, e.g.:
- Works with more devices, e.g. A2091, Oktagon.
- Conversion is reliable now.
- AFS works.
New features:
- FFS patch for HD/DD recognition.
- Slightly faster encryption (read 'History' for more details!)
- Reqtools screenmode requester for OS < 3.0
- Internal screenblanker


DiskProtection requires OS2.0 and Triton-Library 1.4 A minimum distribution
is included in this archive, but you should better look out for the
complete archive "util/libs/tri14usr.lha" on AmiNet: (217107)


NOT available on AmiNet due to USA export restrictions for cryptographic
software.  Look at the AmiNet site in Paderborn for the file
"/pub/aminet/util/crypt/DiskProt11.lha": (340258)

You will always find the most current version on my WWW home page:


20,- DM shareware fee


DiskProtection (C) 1994,95 Patrick Ohly It's freely distributable as long
as all files are distributed unchanged.  DiskProtection is shareware,
however the public version is not crippled in any way!