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                           News & Press Releases

       Macro68, v3.175          680x0 assembler, supports 060

    Introducing A.N.G.L.E.      A new non-profit net gaming group

        ReMaP Proposal          Proposal for Resource Management

        UMS RFC v0.11           UUCP, NNTP, POP3, and SMTP

    Apollo 620 Accelerator      Turbocharge your A600.  Really.

        AmigaNCP v1.8           Network the Amiga to Psion palmtops

         Aminet CD 9            The latest...

      Mesa-Amiwin v1.2.5        OpenGL through AmiWin

          Next v1.8             A new text reader

     DiskProtection V1.1        Encrypt files, XPK compatible

    Blue Ribbon SoundWorks      Microsoft grabs Blue Ribbon

    easyrexx.library v3.0       Quick and easy ARexx ports

         Amiga Surfer           Amiga Tech's version of a good idea

       X Patch Preview          X-look for the Amiga

       Canadian History         An Amiga-produced CD-ROM

      SMG NA Dealer List        The authorized list

          Xoper 2.6             Watch your system work

        SetMouse v2.0           Configure mouse buttons

           RO v1.20             The file management program

       Oberon System V4         The OS/language for the Amiga

       KingFisher v2.20         Search Fish disks and more

        BBMouseServDoc          Mouse operations on Bridgeboards

 International Amiga Society    IAS wants to entertain

         MagicCX v1.2           The mammoth commodity updated

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