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[Funny how we haven't had a chance to review it yet, but hey, here's an
article of tips on the game Worms by the author himself. -Jason]

                         BY ANDY "WORMS" DAVIDSON

First of all, thanks to everyone who has bought the game - here's all the
hidden stuff I put in Amiga WORMS, and a lot more besides ...


Need more sheep?  Get depressed when you pick up every weapon crate, only
to end up with 9 teleports and 7 cluster bombs?

Type in TOTAL WORMAGE (with the space) on the title screen for "SHEEP
MODE".  If you're using a joypad press GREEN, UP, PAUSE, PAUSE, YELLOW
(which spells GUPPY - a tribute to the late Bananafish)

This gives you 3 sheep, 1 banana bomb and a minigun straight away (go into
Weapon Options if you need an UNLIMITED SUPPLY of sheep)

For all those who were offended at the thought of sheep being kept in small
wooden crates, sheep mode lets you shoot ANY weapon crate to FREE THE
SHEEP!  Killing your opponent with a liberated sheep is a very satisfying
way to win and well worth activating smug mode for.


The "legendary prod move" is a not available in any shops, you can only buy
by doing this combination of moves (in the best Mortal Kombat tradition)

Get next to your victim and press AWAY, AWAY, TOWARDS, TOWARDS (in other
words, if your worm is facing right press left, left, right, right)


The custom level option is EVEN MORE EXCITING than you thought - you can
set the gravity, friction, sky and water colours for your levels ...

Instead of saving your level as FISHCAKE.WRM, save it as FISHCAKE.????.WRM
the 4 question marks being 4 numbers ...

The first number is gravity and can be between 1 and 5 (1=very low,
3=normal 5=very high).  Mars and alien levels have a gravity of 2.

The second number is friction and can be between 1 and 5 (1=very low,
3=normal, 5=very high).  Arctic and alien levels have a friction of 2.

The third and forth numbers are the sky and water colours and can be
between and 9 - fans of green water can now have a matching green sky.

You can also make your own message appear, when your level is chosen, by
giving your level file a comment.  Do this by clicking on the level icon
and choosing "Information" from the Workbench menus (the icon menu on 2.0+)

If you want to share your level with the rest of the world, then upload it
to in the directory /pub/incoming


When playing with 4 people it is normal either for 3 people to gang up on 1
(fox and rabbit type thing) or for 2 to join forces to get rid of the other
2 who have resorted to the EVIL use of the blow torch (star wars type
thing) You can now recreate the Darth Vader/Luke Skywalker thing (and shout
"you're not my father" alot) with the OFFICAL TWO AGAINST TWO MODE!

At team select after you have clicked on 4 teams, click on 2 again - the
stars will change to circles (a symbolic type thing).


The Wormlist lets you keep a record of loads of people's worms.  You just
have to type their name at Team Entry, click on List and all their worms
will be listed.  However, before this is possible you will have to get rid
of all the default ownerless worms.  These were put in for those people who
panic when asked to name their worms and resort to the EVIL 1,2,3+4 team.

To kill a load of innocent worms, go to records and choose View Wormlist. 
Highlight a worm that isn't one of yours or the computers and press the
right mouse button.  After you have assasinated all the unwanted worms,
click on ok and go to Save Wormlist.


If you don't know people well enough to keep reaching across them, you have
another set of keys to control your worm on the left of the keyboard ...

z=left, c=right, x=down, d=up, ctrl=jump, tab=toggle names, '=centre on worm

You can use two mouses as well by selecting two controllers in Options.

* WHAT THE ....?

If you feel a word is missing from this sample then change it to something
more appropriate for a highly dangerous explosive device landing next to a
small pink invertebrate (?!)

All the samples on disks 2+3 in the TWEnglish/TWFrench/TWGerman drawers are
IFF - just replace them with your own but don't exceed the size of the
original samples or WORMS will crash violently at Game Start.  Also, don't
change the names of the samples.  BUT USE BACKUPS!  =)

Don't forget, if you make a good sample set then upload it to in the directory /pub/incoming.


If you find a particularly good level in Amiga WORMS make sure you tell
everyone, especially if you find one of the weird levels (you'll know them
when you see them!), or a level that looks like an animal!

These are the best levels I've found so far ...

1803921718 - weirdful scrapyard level (best level so far)
3549908729 - jungle level with crashed helicopter on island
252101829  - another one of the weird levels, a perfectly curved island
345076839  - bridge over troubled island
1706205299 - arctic caves
THORAHIRD  - explore her hidden depths

And from the animal collection (only some people can see them!) ...

954338916  - sneezing alien elephant
2810298544 - horse sticking head out of water
3376459905 - a bit of a triceratops


WORMS started life 4 years ago as a simple tank game called ARTILLERY.
It's aim was to keep us conscious during A-Level Art.  But tanks weren't
interest enough, and they were soon replaced with soldiers in ARTILLERY 2.
As A-Level Art got more boring, more stuff such as teams of soldiers and
dynamite was added resulting in ***ARTILLERY.  Having survived A-Level Art,
it eventually became clear that soldiers weren't interesting enough either
- a replacement had to be found for "the things that walk and jump".

Worms were decided on, as back in August '93, none of them had ever been
called Jim.  A complete rewrite started under the name Total Wormage, or TW
as everyone playtesting it had to call it.  Alot of sleepless nights later,
September '94, I took it to the ECTS and showed Martyn Brown at Team 17. 
After 5 minutes he said "Do you want it published?"

Total Wormage became WORMS and came out in November '95.  So the moral of
this tale is if you want to get a game published, take A-Level Art.

ARTILLERY 2 - 1991
***ARTILLERY - 1991-1993
TOTAL WORMAGE - 1993-1994
WORMS - 1994-1995


The garden should be a happy place, but if there is a large concrete donkey
standing in it, it puts a bit of a downer on things.  As a child I was very
disturbed by it - I was convinced that my parents had concreted over a real
donkey and just left it there (what happened to Bananafish also got me
suspicious).  I can remember chipping away at its tail with a stone, to see
if there was fur under there.

Today, the donkey has taken on a religious significance resulting in the
"Cult of the Concrete Donkey".  Sacrifical gifts are regularly laid between
its ears, the most recent being a small can of Heinz Baked Beans

This practice of concreting over donkeys may be more widespread as there
have recently been sightings of other concrete donkeys - most disturbing of
all was that one of them was a baby donkey.


"Donkey Watch" was started to see exactly how many donkeys have ended up as
nothing more than garden "ornaments".  If you see one, make sure you report


Bananafish was a white and yellow goldfish, and was pretty clever as
goldfish go - he could play dead, and roll over on command.  Sadly,
Bananafish came to a nasty end when the pond was filled with concrete.
There have been various sightings of Bananafish over the years, but none of
them have been confirmed


I promised a load of people on IRC channel #Amiga their own worms in Amiga
WORMS, and then proceeded to lose the piece of paper I wrote them down on!
to all the people I discussed Concrete Donkeys with - StoneD, RMerlin,
MrDaniel and everyone else - sorry =(

* WORMS -> ?

I was adding stuff to Amiga Worms right up until its release, and I'm doing
a patch disk at the moment to fix any bugs in it.  This disk will also add
all the things that I didn't have time for.

If there's anything you want to say about WORMS - I'd like to know.

Keep on worming ...