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                     Review: The AGA Experience CD-ROM
                            By:  Jason Compton 

No, there isn't a conspiracy to use the word "Experience" for CD-ROMs, it
just worked out that way.

Sadeness PD and NFA created The AGA Experience as both a tool to show off
the capabilities of AGA Amigas, and a way to compile lots of PD disks into
one small package.  The fare is varied, running from AGA eye-candy demos to
commercial software demos to rendered animations and slideshows (some of
adult nature), and finishing off with a strong dose of Amiga online
magazines, including a licensed compilation of Amiga Report.  Not bad, eh?

The collection, as the name implies, is targeted at AGA users, although the
minimum requirements for some software (some application software such as
emulators and picture files) is less, and of course you don't need a
4000/040 to read AR.  A comprehensive AmigaGuide index and contents file is
included, although you have to use other methods to actually access the
software--generally, the icons are configured to either run or decompress
the item you choose.

The CD also sports a small collection of original software not for
redistribution, consisting of slideshows, Klondike card sets, and NFA's Out
of Space disk magazines.

Complaints are few...I guess my only real complaint as far as the CD's
content goes is that there are far too many versions of the NFA and
Sadeness logos on the CD, to the point of being ridiculous.  But they're
more or less all in the same place so it's not an annoyance, just odd.

The CD does what it says, and creates an "AGA Experience".  I suppose if
you're looking for a way to justify the purchase of that new A1200 or 4000T
and CD-ROM drive, popping in this CD and playing a round of Pulp Fiction
Klondike might make you feel better...

Some PD disk collections have come in clumsier form, others in prettier
(the Assassins CD comes to mind.)  The AGA Experience is not quite what I'd
call an attractively laid out CD, but the directory trees are reasonable
and logical, and the necessary assigns are made for you with a click of an

The price is UKP 20, or roughly US$30.  More than an Aminet CD, but you're
paying for a planned compilation of showoff software as opposed to a
collection of the newest software.  I do think the Aminet AmigaGuide
interface should become a standard for CD-ROMs on the Amiga, but that's not
anything I expect to see soon.

I never quite thought I'd see a licensed Amiga Report collection on the
same CD with a "Big Girls" slideshow, but that's just me...

Sadeness PD/NFA
13 Russell Terrace
NR11 8LJ
Phone: ++44 1263 722169