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                         ZIP Review Clarification
  Wolfram Gottfried                      
I received a letter from Rask Lambertsen about a potential error in my
ZIP drive submission that was published in AR321.  Since you received a
copy too, I am sending you a copy of the response I sent back.
I was the one who wrote the article in AR321 about the ZIP drive and the
Amiga.  I didn't take into account the LOCK command in Amiga OS because
it's not the same kind of write protect.  The LOCK command write protects a
device, not a disk.  The Mac and IBM ZIP tools software provides for a
write protect of the disk itself, something written to the disk that acts
like the write protect tab on a floppy drive.  If you LOCK the ZIP: drive
with the Amiga OS and then change disks, it still won't let you write to
the drive, even though there is another disk in the drive.  What I meant in
the AR article is that there is no way to write protect an individual disk,
either with a physical sensor trigger (IE write protect slide on a floppy)
or via software (Mac/IBM software write protect).  Sorry for the
confusion...I didn't realize people woudl get confused over that.