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                          The Amiga in Luxembourg
                 (alternative title: Am I the only fool?)
  Christian Kemp                                 

Please excuse my bad English, but it's the fourth language I (have to)

So the Amiga is on sale again.  This is, of course, very nice for Germany
and other big countries.  But small countries are, just like in the bad old
Commodore times, ignored.  Okay, I admit that the weekly Amiga sales in
Germany are higher than yearly sales in a small country, IF Amigas were
sold there.

Yes, you understood the above correctly, at the time of writing this text
there is NO Amiga dealer in Luxembourg.  The nearest store is over 200
kilometres away!  There is absolutely no support for the Amiga, anytime I
mention that I'm (still) using an Amiga I get reactions like "oh yeah, that
game computer" or simply puzzlement, because they can't imagine that
someone here is still using an Amiga.

The domination of the clones is nearly perfect, but I think that the Amiga
wouldn't sell that bad here either.  A lot of people are still using a 286
or 386 and they are thinking of buying a new computer.  This would be *the*
chance for Amiga Technologies to make the Amiga more well-known (and
respected) again by selling a medium-range Amiga with built-in Internet
access and some good advertising, stating that the Amiga is far easier to
use and much better for the Internet...  However advertising is, as it
seems, completely out of question.

If Amiga Technologies don't want to invest money in small countries, the
least they could do would be to give the remaining Amiga users here in
Luxembourg, or other small countries, the chance to have their favorite
computer repaired by qualified technicians and they could give them the
possibility to order from a local shop, or through a local telephone number
a new model or product information.

Do not hesitate to contact me at the E-Mail address mentioned above if you
have more questions or if you are from Luxembourg.