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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE    December 8, 1995

PRESS CONTACT: Ellen Kazmaier

tel: 314-256-9595; fax: 314-256-9595


(St.  Louis) Soft-Logik Publishing is pleased to announce the North
American release of Personal Paint 6.4.  This is the first Soft-Logik
release of Personal Paint.

Personal Paint 6.4 is an easy-to-use paint program that comes with stunning
effects and animation capabilities.  It has the paint features Amiga users
have come to expect including line, ellipse, rectangle, polygon, freehand,
Bezier curve, fill and spray tools.  Personal Paint also features multiple
clipboards, multiple undo and redo, built-in virtual memory, gradient
fills, and alpha channel.  It has special effects including emboss, water
colors, and stereograms.  In contrast to competing programs, Personal Paint
supports AmigaOS datatypes, JPEG, PCX, PNG and other image formats.

Its animation features include a storyboard, frame timing, multiple
palettes, and animbrushes.  Personal Paint supports Anim5 (Deluxe Paint),
Anim7 (Adorage) and Anim8 formats.  It requires at least 1MB of memory and
AmigaOS 1.3 or later, but does not require a hard drive.  All screen modes
are supported, and it can quickly convert 24 bit, HAM and HAM8 to 256
colors for easy editing.  It is compatible with many graphic cards,
including EGS, Picasso, Piccolo, Retina and Rainbow.

Personal Paint was developed by Cloanto of Italy, and is now published
worldwide by Digita International.  As with other Digita products,
Soft-Logik is distributing Personal Paint 6.4 in North America.  The
suggested retail price is $140.  Owners of other Soft-Logik programs may
order it directly from Soft-Logik for $75.

Personal Paint 6.1 was awarded 88%% by Amiga Format and 87%% by Amiga

Digita International is the leading publisher of Amiga productivity
software in Europe and Soft-Logik Publishing is the leading publisher of
Amiga productivity software in North America.  Soft-Logik Soft-Logik is
also the worldwide publisher of PageStream and TypeSmith, and sells and
supports Digita(R) International's Wordworth, Datastore, Personal Paint and
Organizer in the United States and Canada.