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Nova Design, Inc. Launches World Wide Web Site 

For Immediate Release 
Friday, December 08, 1995 

Contact: Bob Fisher
         Nova Design, Inc.

Richmond, VA - December, 95.  Nova Design, Inc.  has now increased their
presence on the Internet dramatically with the opening of their World Wide
Web site to the public.  This exciting new web site gives users, and future
users, of Nova Design's products a totally new and interactive access for
product information, press releases, and product support.

In keeping with Nova Design's position as a cutting-edge graphics software
company, the web page features a state-of-the-art graphical interface,
while retaining full access capabilities for those limited to text based
interfaces.  The site is compatible with Netscape(tm), yet retains
backwards compatibility to Mosaic(tm)-style browsers.

Information currently available online includes all of Nova Design's recent
press releases, complete product information, ImageFX(tm) generated
graphics demonstrating many astounding special effects, information and
tips on using ImageFX, interactive areas for the press and end users to
post questions and comments, as well as links to Amiga web sites and other
web sites throughout the world.

To reach and enjoy the web page site, use the following URL (Universal
Resource Locator): 

If you have additional questions or information, you may use the email
links on the Web site to reach Nova Design, or you may contact us at our
real-world address shown below.

Nova Design, Inc., 1910 Byrd Avenue, Suite 214, Richmond, VA 23230.   For
customer support or information call (804) 282-6528, or fax us at; (804)

ImageFX, PaintFX, AutoFX, CineMorph and Cinematte are trademarks of Nova
Design, Inc.  All other trademarks are held by their respective owners.