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From: (Russ 'Argel' LeBar)
Subject: Olaf Barthel hired by AT!!
Date: 4 Dec 1995 04:53:26 GMT

[Originally posted to comp.sys.amiga.misc, one of Term's betatesters
explains some of the details of Olaf Barthel's employment by Amiga
Technologies. -Jason]

Olaf Barthel was hired as some type of programming consultant to AT about
2-3 weeks ago to, I believe, work on the new AmigaOS.  I knew about this,
but really didn't know if he wanted it public knowledge, but, well, he said
that he not only didn't care if al of you found out about it, but that
since AT isn't collecting opinions, he just might...  Now, don't go
flooding his mailbox (especially not with "use MUI" stuff).

To anyone who's worried because 'term' is a huge monster, Olaf Barthel has
learned A LOT from making term - he won't make the same mistake twice. 
(Think of it this way - he's gotten most of the mistakes out of the way
already :-)

In my opinion, this is a very good thing - I *know* Olaf knows the OS
inside/out and he listens to ideas.  A very good combination for what will
hopefully be a very bright future for the amiga.

Olaf, if you're reading this, good luck, and remember, you asked for it!

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From: "Olaf Barthel" <>
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 95 12:43:51 +0100

[After the announcement of his hiring, Olaf Barthel publicly cleared up the
details of his employment with Amiga Technologies. -Jason]

Thank you for the many friendly comments following Russell's announcement.
I do not want to burst a bubble, regarding my position please do not expect
too much too soon.  I am an `external' programmer with a consulting
contract.  In this context `external' means that I am not based in
Bensheim, home of Amiga Technologies GmbH.  Specifically, a few development
projects were handed over to me and other programmers (yes, I am not
alone), but these did not yet cover designing a new operating system, let
alone applying changes or fixing bugs.  Mark the "not yet" well, please.
Since I do my work at home I do not have as much insight into the
development at Bensheim and thus am not as well- informed as I would want
to be.  All this boils down to that I am not in a decision-making position
(some apparently were lead to be believe that I now occupy Dr.  Peter
Kittel's position ;) nor doing operating system development at the moment.

As for the AmigOS project, I used to sign up with it as a design
coordinator.  Due to my own fault, I lost this position due to lack of
presence.  I regret that I could not devote the time to it that would have
been appropriate.  As far as I can tell, there exists no connection between
the project and the AT department responsible for R&D.

Russell mentioned that I would be collecting bug reports and enhancement
requests for the operating system and Workbench contents.  Amiga
Technologies is not yet doing this via electronic mail, but services to
take care of this are bound to be established as soon as the new Amiga
Developer Support Program is in operation.  Until then, I offer to collect
your suggestions and bug reports via electronic mail on my private home
site.  This will be tough, as I am receiving mail and news via modem,
sourcery is not directly hooked up to the Internet, so please be as brief
as possible.

Please send your enhancement requests and bug reports regarding the Amiga
operating system releases v2.04 through v3.1 to the following address:

Please be as brief as possible, sourcery is a private site which is not
directly connected to the Internet.  The information collected will be
handed over to the R&D department at Amiga Technologies GmbH.  In the near
future, this service will be replaced by a similar service offered by Amiga
Technologies GmbH, please monitor comp.sys.amiga.announce to know about it.

When you send your requests and reports, please use the tool "Report" to
generate report forms.  You can find this tool on Aminet under
"util/misc/Report.lha" or in the 3.1 Native Developer Kit on the
"3.1_SWToolkit" disk.

Oh dear, I hope I am not going to regret this.

Home: Olaf Barthel, Brabeckstrasse 35, D-30559 Hannover