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(St.  Louis) Soft-Logik Publishing is pleased to announce the North
American release of Digita Datastore 2.0.  This is a feature update to
Datastore 1.1 and will be available in December.

Datastore is a personal non-relational database manager.  It comes with
EasyStart Templates(tm) to get users started quickly, and also has
extensive online help.  Datastore features mail-merge with Wordworth, forms
with text and graphics, sophisticated queries and a Navigator with
VCR-style controls.

The new features in 2.0 are: Non-editable list view (allowing a screen full
of records to be viewed) with disjointed selection of records; Manual
selective queries with Hide Current Record, Switch Hidden Records, and Show
All Records menu commands; Modeless Find requester; Print on-screen
records; Print Setup requester; Improved speed; Wordworth label templates
and instructions for easy mail merging with Wordworth.

Datastore 2.0 is available as a disk upgrade for $25 directly from
Soft-Logik.  The suggested retail price is $140.  Owners of other
Soft-Logik programs may order it directly from Soft-Logik for $75.  Owners
of Softwood's Final Data may order it directly from Soft-Logik for only

Soft-Logik Publishing today released Datastore 1.1.  This maintenance
update to Datastore 1.0 includes minor bug fixes.  It is intended for those
customers who choose not to upgrade to Datastore 2.0.  An online patch from
the 1.0 North American version to the 1.1 North American version will be
available soon.  Updates via disk are also available on request for a
nominal disk charge of $10.

Datastore 1.0 was awarded 88%% by Amiga Format and 91%% by Amiga Shopper.

Digita International is the leading publisher of Amiga productivity
software in Europe and Soft-Logik Publishing is the leading publisher of
Amiga productivity software in North America.  Soft-Logik sells and
supports Digita's Wordworth, Datastore and Organizer in the United States
and Canada, while Digita International(R) sells them in other countries.