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A short list of features for an upcoming Commodore 16/+4 emulator...

Name:           A4  (great eh? :-) )
Prozessor:      needs 68020 (sorry for A500/600/2000 users)
OS-version:     2.0 or later
  * emulates the Commodore C-16/Plus4 OS (Basic 3.5 + Ass. monitor)
  * allows data storage in Amiga directories (LOAD and SAVE)
    (a floppy-drive emulation)
  * real Floppy (C=1541) access (par.  port) is worked on, but is
    still very buggy
  * 32K of memory are availible ( 64K is worked on)
  * V1.0 written in C
  * current V2.0 written in assembler
  * runs on a Workbench window or on its own customscreen
  * VIC emulation is very raw (but uses the build in charater set
    which can be customised.  Only standart colors are supported now.

The first public release will be V 0.1!
The 64 KB version allready works  :-)

    Thomas Koenig