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Excelsior!  Professional BBS has been Purchased by AmiCom!  (Amiga

So, who is AmiCom!  ?  AmiCom is a team of dedicated Excelsior!  Sysops who
wanted to do everything in their power to keep Excelsior!  BBS alive and
competitive with this ever changing BBS world.

AmiCom!  has put together a Team of Support and Registration sites all
around the world to make it easier for Sysops to get assistance.  This
support effort is also backed by Excelsior's own support network.  (E!Net)
With this network, and the enthusiastic support members, This will prove to
be the Best support that Excelsior!  BBS has ever seen.  And possibly any
other BBS package for the Amiga as well.  (IMHO)

Excelsior! 2.0 will be sold in 2 packages.

Excelsior! (Full package)
         - Excelsior registered TrapDoor.
         - Excelsior registered QSilver / Mercury

Excelsior lite!  (WITHOUT TrapDoor, QSilver / Mercury).

This allows those who already own a Frontdoor mailer (TrapDoor, GMS,
Etc...) to purchase Excelsior!  at a lower rate than those who need the
mailer package.

The QSilver / Mercury that is included with E!, are Excelsior!  Specific
versions of their Multi-BBS counterparts.  These versions are faster, and
with the Co-ordinated efforts between AmiCom!  and Bitplane enterprises,
will have more flexibility.

Other things for the Future of Excelsior...  Well, We're open for
suggestions.  Currently, We've been taking Excelsior!  and making it
Modular by converting many of the internal functions and putting them into
"External" libraries.

We feel this will have several benefits.

  = Smaller Executables.  (Of course)  ;)
  = Greater speed.
  = Less memory usage.
  = Third party utilities would have easier access to functions.
  = Easier Updates.  (Just release the new Libraries.)

Some new additions to Excelsior! include:

  - Sysop definable menus using GUI Menu editor.
  - Sysop definable HOTKEYS.   ;)
  - Screen Definable.
  - RIP-II support.

The Excelsior!  project is turning out to be a Bigger project than ANYONE
out there may have thought.  But we are working hard to make it what
everyone expects.  And possibly throw in a Few surprises as well...  :)

I think everyone will be VERY happy with it when it's released.

For more information, Please send E-Mail to one of the Below listed
AmiCom!/Excelsior!  Development Sites:

The Hidden Pyramid:     1-315-433-5398
             Sysop:     Jay Britton
           Fidonet:     1:260/346
             E!Net:     312:1200/0

   The Factory BBS:     1-918-687-1750
             Sysop:     Larry Bowers
           Fidonet:     1:3813/308  1:3813/318
             E!Net:     312:4100/0

   Total MeltDown!:     1-309-862-0857
             Sysop:     Jeff Fink
           Fidonet:     1:232/316  1:232/315
             E!Net:     312:2000/0

For Voice support,  Call:  1-918-682-4897

AmiCom Postal address:     AmiCom!
                           P.O. Box 2785
                           Muskogee, OK. 74401