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Amiga Atlanta, Inc.  cordially invites computer enthusiasts to the Amiga
Atlanta 10th Anniversary Celebration Banquet, Saturday, January 20, 1996 at
7 p.m.  at the Terrace Garden Inn, 3405 Lenox Rd.(across from the Lenox
Square Mall) in Atlanta, GA.  This is not only the 10th anniversary of one
of America's oldest Amiga user groups, it is also the 10th anniversary of
the Amiga platform.  It is anticipated that Amiga users, developers and
retailers from all over the United States - and possibly abroad - will be
in attendance.  Amiga legends such as Dave Haynie, Fred Fish, R.J.  Mical
and Jason Compton are expected to attend.  A representative from The
Governor's office will be on hand to issue a special proclamation.  And,
the new owners of the Amiga platform, Amiga Technologies - all the way from
Germany - are expected to give the keynote address.

This is an event that should be of interest to any computer enthusiast -
regardless of their platform of choice.  Why?  Because it brings more
competition to the computer marketplace and thus lower prices.

There is more to do on Saturday, January 20,1996 in Atlanta than go to a
history-making banquet, however.  Many of those coming to Atlanta for the
banquet should also take the Grey Line Bus Tour of Olympic Venues.  Yes,
see all the Olympic venues and see where Olympic history will be made
before the crowds come to town.

Space is limited.  Banquet reservations are just $28/person.  So, make your
banquet reservations now.  Local reservations can be made by calling Lamar
Morgan at (404)365-0670.  For those traveling to Atlanta from within the
United States and in need of flight and hotel reservations as well as
banquet reservations, call Bear Stearns Travel at 1-800-915-2327 and ask
for Cindy Benson.  For those traveling to Atlanta from overseas for the
banquet, call Bear Stearns Travel collect at 1-816-880-3108 and ask for
Cindy Benson.

For more specific information regarding the banquet, check out the AAi Home
Page:; or, send email to:

Believe me, this is one banquet computer enthusiasts should not miss.

Lamar Morgan
Amiga Atlanta, Inc.