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The patches for V1.02 of "The Digital Universe" are now available.  The
executable patches implement the following changes:

Changes since version 1.01:
New features
- Now, numerical reports can be output to the screen as well as
  the printer, or saved to disk.
- A few useful keyboard shortcuts dealing with time were added:
  'a' - toggles to automatic time advancement
  'm' - toggles to manual time advancement
  't' - sets "The Digital Universe" to use the current time
- 10 more user-settable fields of view were added, bringing the total
  to 20.  The first ten are used by pressing a number key (above
  the 'querty' keyboard.  The last ten are used by holding down the
  SHIFT key while doing so.  Since the preferences file format had to
  change as a result of this modification, you'll have to re-initialize
  the file when running "The Digital Universe" for the first time
  after upgrading.  Type "DigitalUniverse init" at a shell prompt
  to do this.
- The string gadget in "Find Star", "Find Galaxy", and "Search
  Hypertext" is automatically activated when their respective windows
  are opened.

Bug fixes
- MUI 2.3 and 3.1 have problems in dealing with >V34 amigaguide.library
  (it can only deal with a single amigaguide file, and "The Digital
  Universe" requires 9 separate flies.  To get around this problem,
  "The Digital Universe" pre-loads V34 amigaguide.library, regardless
  of the version of amigaguide.library normally used on your system.  This
  works fine, but has one small problem - V34 amigaguide.library
  was never meant to deal with screens having more than 32 colors, and
  caused the system to crash if a hypertext window was brought up on
  such a screen.  The interim solution is to restrict screen depths to
  32 colors, and this modification was made to V1.02.  Of course, when
  a future version of MUI and amigaguide.library >V34 are happy with one
  another, we'll be removing the temporary restriction.
- If you'd accidentally deleted your Mode_Names icon from your WBStartup
  drawer, your Amiga would not know the names for different screen modes.
  "The Digital Universe" previously never anticipated this scenario, and
  crashed if it couldn't find any valid screen mode names.  V1.02 has
  fixed this problem, providing the system with a <Default mode> screen
  even if there is not a valid name for it.  This stops the program from
  crashing, but of course the best solution is to restore the Mode_Names
  icon from your original Workbench disks.
- Western Australia Daylight Time and Western Australia Standard Time
  offsets were wrong.  They've been fixed from their previous values of
  +8 and +7 respectively to the correct values of +9 and +8.
- Animations generated on overscanned screens with WB3.1 would sometimes
  be corrupted.  We believe we've found and fixed the problem (special
  thanks to Chris Gray for his incredible patience in helping us track
  it down).

Of course, if you purchased V1.00 of our package, you will have to upgrade
to V1.01 before applying the patches for V1.02.

Updates to the hypertext are also available.  The following changes have
been made:

- Product information sheet added to the online help, to provide users with
  a quick reference of the software's features
- Help for the FOVs was expanded to describe the 20 fields instead of just
  the original 10.
- Help for "View Report" option of report generator was added
- HST observations of the Eagle Nebula have been added
- description of planetary discoveries around 51 Pegasi added
- possible third companion to Sirius (Sirius C) mentioned
- Updated information from HST observations about planetary disk around
  Beta Pictoris added.
- Info about asteroid 4 Vesta from HST added
- a few bad links in Apollo 11 were repaired
- expansion on the description of the black hole discovery in NGC 4261
- Galileo spacecraft mission description expanded to include recent
  successes during its December 7th closest approach and probe entry.  Of
  course, this item will likely be updated further when we start to get
  probe data back from the spacecraft.

As well, three new pictures for the encyclopedia have been made available.
Two of them are updates - images for Beta Pictoris and M16 (The Eagle
Nebula).  The third (of 4 Vesta) is a new image.

The most straightforward way to obtain the patches is to connect to our Web
site with the URL

But since some users have been having difficulty obtaining binary files
with their Web browsers, we are temporarily making the updates available
via FTP.  We are *not* really set up to deal with FTP properly, so we ask
that you excuse the mess you'll see if you need to get the files this way.
First of all, our Internet provider's welcome message will appear instead
of our own - don't let that throw you!  :-) In addition, you'll see all of
our HTML files (for the Web service) mixed in with everything else.  Just
ignore all of that and go straight for the support/patches directory to get
the files you need.  The site to connect to is

Of course, it's quite helpful to read the Web documentation concerning the
files first so that you know which ones you require.

There's a lot of downloading and patching for everyone to do to bring their
version up to date.  We hope that these changes fix some of the problems
observed in the past, and add a few small features that you'll find useful.
If you have any problems with V1.02 of the software, please let us know. 
If all appears to be going well, in a few days we'll release a new demo
version of the package to Aminet, and start shipping V1.02 with new orders.

Thanks again for your continued support of "The Digital Universe!".

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