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Quasar Distribution
P.O. Box 188
Victoria      3192
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Quarterback 6.1
Advanced Backup and Archiving Program for the Amiga

While hard drives represent some of the highest technology that exists in
the computer industry, all hard drives will eventually fail.  It is not a
matter of if, but simply a question of when.  If you've invested hours
creating pictures, manuscripts, 3-D ray-traces, or spreadsheets, then you
need some way to protect your investment.  Quarterback gives you that
protection by safeguarding your work against any possible loss.

· Backup to or restore from floppy disks, high density floppies, hard 
  disks, hard disk partitions, AmigaDOS files, removable media, tape 
  drives, and any AmigaDOS compatible devices.
· Support for special features of newer, more advanced tape drives.  
  There is support for hardware-based compression, fast tape advance, and 
  quick erase features.
· Support for multiple tapes per backup session.  This means that you can 
  back up the entire contents of very large hard disks onto several 
  smaller-sized tapes.
· Automatically formats floppies as it writes.
· Complete or Selective backups and restores.  A powerful Tag Filter 
  allows you to include or exclude files by name (with wild cards), date,
  or archive bit.
· Full macro and ARexx support, allowing you total control over the 
  Quarterback program.
· Optional password protection and encryption, to give you the best in 
· Fast compression during backups.  In many cases, Quarterback can 
  compress the data as fast as it can be written to your floppy drive.
· Innovative "Interrogator" retrieves device information from SCSI devices.
· Save to a file or print catalogs or session logs.
· Can verify data as it is written.
· Automatically detects and warns about bad media during backup and
· Writes file catalog to both first and last disks for extra data
· Supports unlimited file lengths, any number of subdirectories, and any 
  number of files per subdirectory.
· Supports both hard and soft links.
· Includes Schedule Pro - a program which allows you to set up Quarterback
  for unattended backup sessions!  Not only can you use Schedule Pro to 
  set up Quarterback to automatically back up your hard disk at any time, 
  or on any schedule, but you can use it to automatically start any 
  program or ARexx script at a particular time 	or on a particular 
  schedule.  You can even use it to automatically dsiplay reminders when
  you need them.


Quarterback is available now in English versions.


Australia & New Zealand (and anywhere else not listed)

Quasar Distribution
P.O. Box 188
Victoria  3192
Phone +61 3 9583 8806
Fax   +61 3 9585 1074
BBS   +61 3 9584 8590

U.S.A. & Canada

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Ottawa, Ontario
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FC Systems
Bruul 82
2800 Mechelen
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All distribution enquiries should be directed to Quasar Distribution.


An Amiga computer with KS 1.2 or greater and 512 K of RAM or greater
Some functions are only available under KS2.x or KS3.x.


Please contact your local distributor for pricing and availability.