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Ensemble Verbes


Version 1.5 (14/11/95)


Peter E. Janes


Regular mail:
   6868 Egremont Road
   R. R. #8
   Watford, Ontario, Canada
   N0M 2S0


Ensemble Verbes is a program to help students practise and master French
verbs in the most common tenses of the language.  It is designed to support
classroom work, not to replace it.

The shareware version contains only -er verbs and present, subjunctive past
and present participle.  The registered version of Ensemble Verbes

* Over 75 verbs, including -er, -ir, -re, reflexive and irregular
* Seven tenses: present, compound past, imperfect, future,
  conditional, subjunctive present and present participle
* Full online, context-sensitive help via AmigaGuide tm
* Close adherence to Amiga User Interface Style Guide
* Sound support
* Support for international keyboards
* Locale support (English, French, Italian, Norwegian and Spanish
  catalogs included)

Registered users can also obtain The French Student's Dictionary & Guide,
Second Edition, a 158-page book featuring:

* French/English and English/French sections
* Most commonly used vocabulary, in context
* Many easy-to-understand examples to help in selection of
* Many idiomatic expressions
* Regular and irregular verb charts
* Reference grammar guide
* Over 5700 entries


This is an update to Ensemble Verbes 1.4.  It contains a new Italian
catalog and fixes a bug that caused Enforcer hits when Prop3D is installed.


Any Amiga running AmigaOS 2.04 or above.  AmigaGuide/MultiView and
Installer are recommended.


All files can be found on any Aminet site.

The unregistered version of Ensemble Verbes may be found at: (70594 bytes)

Patch files for registered versions may be found at: (44418 bytes) (45813 bytes) (77599 bytes) (21241 bytes)
NOTE: Each file is relative to the previous version.  For example,
      to upgrade Verbes 1.3 to Verbes 1.5 you will need both
      VerbesRegPch14.lha and VerbesRegPch15.lha.


Ensemble Verbes:                            CAN $25.00
The French Student's Dictionary & Guide:    CAN $10.00
Ensemble Verbes *and* The French Student's
   Dictionary & Guide:                      CAN $30.00

Add CAN $3.00 for shipping inside North America; outside North America, add
CAN $8.00.

User groups should contact the author for a group registration fee.


Shareware.  The unregistered version of Ensemble Verbes may be included in
the CD-ROM or floppy collections compiled by Fred Fish and the Aminet
moderators; all others should contact Peter Janes before including the
program.  Both registered and unregistered versions are Copyright (C) 1995
by Peter E.  Janes. | "And so, here we are, victims of
  Network Administrator, Cableshare Inc. //  |  Mathematics." --Londo Mollari
    ex-Certified Amiga Developer       X/   | *** SUPPORT CANADIAN MUSIC ***