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                           News & Press Releases

   AT Hires Olaf Barthel     The Term developer gets contract work

  Nova Design's WWW Site     ImageFX's home page

   Digita Press Releases     A pack of quickies from Digita

     Quarterback v6.1        Quarterback returns!

 Quarterback Tools Deluxe    QBTools returns, too!

 Digital Universe Patches    The astronomical package

 PowerManager 2.0 Contest    Design screensaver modules for prizes

 DesignWorks 2.0 Released    The structured drawing program

     OTM Press Release       OTM signs a new developer

   OTM Release Schedule      Upcoming games from OTM

 Amiga Atlanta Invitation    The 10th anniversary banquet        The new Aminet mirror

    Personal Paint 6.4       The paint/effects package

       Aminet Set 2          Everything since Aminet Set 1: 4 CDs

        RevUp v1.3           Make version stringing easier

       Datastore 2.0         Digita's database upgraded

       Sysmon v0.12b         System monitoring utility

      AmigaBase v2.2         Programmable database

     Executive v1.30         The task scheduler

   Ensemble Verbes v1.5      French verb conjugator

        A.N.G.L.E.           An on-line game team forms

   Digital Universe List     Mailing list for Digital Universe users

   Excelsior! Purchased      Many exclamation points to follow...

 Upcoming C-16/+4 Emulator   The much maligned Commodore classics

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