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                               Reader Mail

From Wed Dec 13 23:45 CST 1995

Since writing the Amiga POP Client "GetMail" and the SMTP Client "PutMail"
I have been swamped with "thank you" EMail messages.  Unfortunately due to
my occupation in the DP field and the pressures of work I have had to drop
my after hours hobby, namely playing with the Amiga.  I simply did not have
enough time to play with two (some times three) different hardware & OS
combinations.  However, I have not as yet sold my Amiga 3000 and I am
getting quite a large number of requests for enhancements, additionally
GetMail often crashes A1200's when exiting.  I have therefore decided to do
some more work on these utilities over the Xmas period (I have to reinstall
the OS, AmiTCP and my Compiler which will impose a slight delay).

I would very much appreciate it if you could communicate a few points to
your readers.

1) I welcome bug reports and enhancement requests for the next three/four

1) New releases of PutMail & GetMail will be available in the third week of

Modifications planned are as follows.
- New parameter to include local host name in From: address, Yes/No.
- Optional progress indicator (in a window) for large UUEncoded files.
- Fix the GetMail Exit Crash on A1200's running WB3.
- More robust initial HELO handshake with the host.
- More robust message header processing.
- PutMail to process multiple files (maybe).

Known problems, unsure of details and how to resolve them.
- Can't find the ENV:HostName variable ?  (Not very common)
- Incompatible with Net3 ? (Dunno anything about Net3)

2) GetMail & PutMail are in the public domain.
The full source code can be obtained from; PutMailSRC.lha and GetMailSRC.lha

3) The next release of these programs will be my final release.
(Hopefully other people will support and maintain them though)

Many thanks to all those who sent me EMail thankyou messages.  Many thanks
to Jason and his staff for doing such a great job!

Best Regards to the Amiga Community,
Martin V Lanza,

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From: Ryan Paque <>
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 95 13:09:11 -800

I would just like to thank all the writers of Amiga Report for providing
the Amiga community with a reliable and consistant source of information.

Without you guys, I'd be stuck out in limbo and probably would have ended
up jumping ship.  Being the sysop of the only public Amiga-run BBS left
here in Milwaukee, WI sort of cuts me off from the rest of the world.  I'm
probably one of the few Amiga users in the United States that has "local"
access to an Amiga dealer (Safe Harbor Computers) but so far, Amiga Report
is the only place that I have heard anything about the Power Amiga systems
(well, here and the AT home page, but that's besides the point...).

I truly hope that Amiga Tech.  can bring the Amiga back to some power
again.  I don't have delusions of masses of humanity throwing off the
shackles of Microsoft and converting to Amiga, but I think that it
definately deserves much more position in the market than it currently has.
Hopefully the base configurations for the Power machines will be comparable
to what the PC world has to offer.

I'm sure this would never happen, but I think the best ploy AT could come
up with to sell the machines would be to somehow include a fast harware IBM
emulater and a fast hardware Macintosh emulator and then write some code
into the OS so that you can run anything you stick in the drive without
even knowing what it is (besides maybe a telltale light on the menu bar or
something similar).

Fantasy, I know...  But isn't that what makes most Amiga users unique?  Not
to slight anybody else in computer world, but it takes a certain mindset to
go out and buy a computer that isn't among those pushed on you from every

Despite what everyone keeps telling me, the only thing that I use these
IBMs and Macs at school for (besides my classwork) is NetScape.  The Amiga
needs something like this all nice and bundled in one package.  Hunting
around for 500 billion seperate programs and then trying to get them to
talk to each other is not only time consuming, but also nerve wracking. 
(Hint Hint, Amiga Tech).

Well, this was a bit longer than I originally intended, but its not often
that I get to communicate with Amiga users who actually know something,
besides the few regulars on FidoNet.  Lately all I've been doing is arguing
with some rich guy about why I don't need to change the BBS from an Amiga
to an IBM...  If it dies, I'll obviously have to, but until then, my trusty
A500 and the BBS' A2000 will have the place of honor.

Keep up the good work guys!