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|        The        International        Amiga        Society         |
|      Requesting     Comments     from     Amiga     Developers      |
|      GLOBAL         SYSTEM-FILE         NAME         REGISTRY       |

Amiga programmers have been creating *.library files for over 10
years now, and quite a few times over that period there have been
conflicts between the names of these files. So The International
Amiga Society would like to receive suggestions and comments from
software developers about the feasibility of setting up a global
system file name registry. 

    With a global name registry, before you create a catalog
file, a device file, a library file or any other system file you
would check with the registry whether there was already an existing
file of that name somewhere, and maybe register a file name for your
own use. Ideally such a system would foster greater compatibility
between different Amiga products, both commercial and public domain
products. It would provide a framework for conflict resolution
which does not involve the end user (as it does now), although no
mechanism for this currently exists. And it would remove one area of
worry for Amiga programmers.

    Given that such a registry is of immeditate (although perhaps small)
benefit to the Amiga community, that running it would cost little
in terms of time and resources, The International Amiga Society would
be an ideal vehicle for such a system. It is with this in mind that
we hereby request for appropriate discussion of the issues involved
and any other concerns that you might have to take place. Once the
issues become clear, the IAS will take steps to ensure that such
a system is put in place.

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