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MAC Emulation Professional

November 16th, 1995  -  Official Press Release

Utilities Unlimited International, Incorporated is pleased to announce
it is now taking orders for their latest emulation module for EMPLANT.

The new module is named, "MAC Emulation Professional" and offers a
wider range of Macintosh emulation capabilities.  Although much of
code is based on the previous MAC emulation, the new code is completely
new, smaller, and faster.  Besides the standard features you have
come to expect from our previous MAC emulation, these additional
features make this emulation module worth having:

 * Completely new OS2.x+ style guide compliant user interface, using

 * Opens on a public screen.  No more custom screens.

 * ASL is now used for all file requesters.

 * Built-in help when using OS3.0 or later.

 * Support for all known 512K-1meg 680x0 color MAC ROM's.  This
   includes ROMS from: MAC II/x/cx/ci/si, LC, LCII, LCIII, color
   classic, Quadra 700-950.  All ROM's work with CPU caches on.
   All ROM's will support an FPU, whether designed to or not.

 * Virtual memory support!

 * MAC OS is partially re-written so it does not constantly busy loop,
   giving the Amiga side more CPU time and allowing lower priority
   tasks to run (such as screen blankers and auto disk changes).

 * Support for EtherTalk and other EtherNet based applications when
   using a SANA-II compliant EtherNet driver.

 * Built-in support for CD-ROM's not connected to EMPLANT's SCSI port.

 * Faster interrupt and exception handling.

 * Enhanced video driver support (larger sizes, more colors).

 * Enhanced file transfer capabilities (ability to set filetype and
   creator, filename filtering, and more).

 * Enhanced multitasking code prevents Amiga serial.device lockups.

 * Enhanced sound support.  You can set the emulation to use the
   Amiga's audio exclusively, or shared (audio channels can be stolen
   by the Amiga if necessary).

 * New custom logic chip improves bus timing, boosting performance
   and reliability of EMPLANT's VIA interrupts, serial communications,
   and SCSI operations.

 * New utilities, and much, much more!

This package includes the new software, updated documentation, and
a new custom logic chip that replaces and existing chip on your
EMPLANT board.

Paul (Blittersoft)
For European orders :
Tel : +44 (0)1908 261466   Fax : +44 (0)1908 261488