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  Disect - Symbolic dissassembler & debugger.


  2.0 (11.11.95)


  Dave M. Alderson


  Disect is a very powerful combined disassembler/debugger program,
  which has been designed to be easy to use. Its power is achieved at the
  expense of memory: the minimum requirement is 1Mb; for larger projects,
  2Mb will be required.

  The debugger allows an executable file, a disk boot-block, a binary 
  file, or an area of memory to be loaded and created as a Process. It is
  even possible to grab an existing memory-resident Process. A Process's 
  instructions can be executed individually, or the Process can be 
  activated, with or without breakpoints installed. System exceptions can
  be trapped before they crash the machine, and program symbols can be 
  read from executable files.

  The disassembler allows a loaded program to be commented, have blank 
  lines inserted, and have it's numbers and addresses replaced with 
  constant or program symbols. All the symbols of Release 3 of the system
  include files are available to the disassembler. A program which has 
  been dissected in this way can then be saved as two source files: a 
  program file, and a support file. The support file will contain EQUs for
  all required constant symbols.


  Disect requires Release 2 of the Amiga operating system; it also 
  requires the ASL library, and GadTools library.



  Requested shareware fee is 20 uk pounds.


  The version available on aminet is a 98% functional demo version which 
  is freely distributable, but remains copyrighted D.M. Alderson 1995.


  If there are any further queries regarding this software or its usage 
  please email,, who will be only too happy to 
  chat with you.