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For immediate and sudden rlease.

The source code to Virus_Checker is now for sale to anyone that can offer a
good figure for it. It is in Macro68 style and conforms to the new syntax.

The reason.

After the release of 8.3 I got alot of abusive e-mail messages saying VC
did not do this, and vc did not do that, and the install script does not
work, and hundreds of is this a real release message.

My time is limited at present and I get very little time to even get to my
computer let alone program it. My email is backing up something awful in
my mailbox.

Another reason is that VC is no longer a hobby. A hobby is something you do
that gives you enjoyment. VC does not do this anymore. If it paid for
itself then it may be different.

Whats happening with the keyfiles?

The keyfile will be left in (the pirates will probably take it out anyway
and that is one further reason), if I did take it out all those who
registered would be disadvantaged.  I will still take and send out
registrations as they come in.  I may even release one or 2 more bug fixes
as I get time and add a few more viruses.

This decision was about a month in the making but it has been made.
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