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1. Imagine one of the following :

- You are using one of those small programs that reside in the c: directory
and suddenly the result of the program's execution is something
unpredictable, usually causing destruction of hours' hard work (of course
the same can happen for any other program).  What has happened?  You have
just discovered a bug.

- You are using a program that fulfills your needs in every aspect.  It's
one of those programs that are worth registering (a shareware one) or even
buying (a commercial one).  You believe the author should get some
thanks/cash for his excellent work.

- You just bought a new piece of hardware/software and something is wrong
with it.  The company/dealer which you bought the hardware/software from
must be informed.

- A new program has been released and you want more info about it.  What a
better way than to ask the company responsible for it?  That way you could
also get answers to many questions of yours regarding the actual program
and you might get it delivered at you home, if you decide to buy it.

What do you do in the above cases?

You start searching your F/H Disks for the appropriate manual, and if you
are not lucky enough to have all the manuals well organised, then the night
to come is gonna be a long one.  Bypassing this problem you finnaly find
the manual, so you start searching for the author's/company's contact
address.  But how many times have you found what you were looking for?  I
guess not many.  And when you finally find it, you discover that you have
spent so many hours in searching.

Also, as most of you know, lists of BBS/Newsgroups/Mailing Lists already
exist in the Internet, but now there is a chance of collecting them all
together in one big list, providing also any extra info that might be

Here comes AMIL to help you.

This is the introduction text from  The newest version of AMIL
can always be found on Aminet (docs/hyper/AMIL_xxxx.lha).


Welcome to AMIL (Amiga Main Internet List).

This is (or at least tries to be) a full (???) listing of every (???)
person - company - dealer - group - BBS - mailing list - newsgroup - zine
related to the Amiga.  Extra goodies include all Aminet sites and a lot of
WWW Resources.

Let's try to make it clearer. This guide contains the following :

1. People/Persons.
   That includes : 
    - Programmers/Coders
    - Music/Gfx Artists
    - Hardware/Software Designers
    - Managers
    - Producers
   Additional information includes :
    - Company working for
    - E-Mail address
    - WWW address
    - IRC Nickname/Channel
    - Fidonet address
    - Notes about the person
    - "Projects" that the person has "created"

2. Companies.
   That includes :
    - Hardware/Software Distribution Companies
    - Hardware/Software Development Companies
    - Software Houses
   Additional information includes :
    - E-Mail address
    - FTP address
    - WWW address
    - Fidonet address
    - Activities
    - Products that are developed/distributed

3. Dealers/Vendors.
   That includes :
    - Hardware/Software Dealers
    - Hardware/Software Vendors
   Additional information includes :
    - E-Mail address
    - FTP address
    - WWW address
    - Fidonet address
    - Products that are distributed

4. Groups/Teams.
   That includes :
    - Programming Groups/Teams
    - Demo Groups/Teams
    - Gfx/Sfx Studios
   Additional information includes :
    - E-Mail address
    - FTP address
    - WWW address
    - Fidonet address
    - Activities
    - Products that are developed/distributed

5. BBS.
   That inlcudes all kinds of BBS dealing with Amiga.
   Additional information includes :
    - Sysop Name
    - E-Mail address
    - FTP address
    - Telnet address
    - Fidonet address
    - Amiganet address
    - Phone Lines (+modem type)

6. Mailing Lists.
   That includes all kinds of Mailing Lists/List Servers dealing
   with Amiga.
   Additional information includes :
    - E-Mail address
    - (Un)Subscribe address
    - (Un)Subscribe commands
    - Mail address
    - FTP address
    - Notes about the mailing list

7. Newsgroups.
   That includes all Usenet Newsgroups dealing with Amiga.
   Additional information includes :
    - Notes about the newsgroup
    - Moderator name/e-mail, if the newsgroup is moderated.

8. Zines.
   That includes Zines in electronic and "printed" form.
   Additional information includes :
    - E-Mail address
    - WWW address
    - Editor name/e-mail

9. Aminet Sites.
   That includes all sites that mirror the whole (or part of) Aminet.
   Additional information includes :
    - Country
    - Site name
    - IP address
    - Aminet path
    - Number of files mirrored

10. WWW Resources.


General purpose of this list is to provide the Amiga Community with
information about every possible "PROJECT" associated with this wonderful
computer.  That way, you (Amiga users) can "contact" the "PROJECT"
immediately and :

  - request misc information
  - send thanks/(b|f)lames (i hope not the second)
  - send corrections/additions/suggestions/improvements/comments
  - get informed about various products
  - exchange opinions

and many more i can't even think of.

                     -  HELP THE AMIGA COMMUNITY GROW -

Tassos Hadjithomaoglou