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  Image Processing Revelations (IPR) Demo Release




  Barnie Productions
  P.O.Box 172
  2270 AD  Voorburg
  The Netherlands

  PHONE/FAX: (int)-31-70 3854173


  IPR Demo Release is the demoversion of 'Image Processing
  Revelations' (version 1.1), a FAST and INTUITIVE image
  processing package.
  Especially its fast operation and the easy intuitive way
  to control the image processing is IPR's major advantage.
  IPR Demo Release gives you the chance to look and feel
  IPR's smooth and intuitive operation.

  - Supported fileformats of the Demo Release:
    BMP, GIF, IFF, JPEG (only greyscale), TIFF, PCX, TARGA,
    Multipic (*)
    (*) Special Amiga-libraries, allowing further loading of PBM,
        VLAB, YUVN, PGM, PPM, QRT, SunRaster, XIPaint, and others.
    The full version of IPR also supports colour-JPEG, PhotoCD and

  - Support for all amiga-chipsets (support for PAL, NTSC, DblPAL,
    DblNTSC, VGA, MULTISCAN and others)

  - Easy to master, intuitive, consistent interface.

  - Color-manipulations on one of (or a combination of)
    the red, green or blue components of the picture.

  - Color-manipulations on specified color-registers.

  - Real time color manipulation.

  - Brightness, BroadCast, ColorFilter, ColorLimiter, Contrast,
    GammaCorrect, GrayScale, Intensity Range, Negative, Palette,
    Posterize, Solarize, Arc, Fisheye, Flip, Mirror, MultipleCopy,
    Rotate, Shear, Sinewave, Pixelize, Spotlight, Zoom, LineArt,
    Relief, ApplyPalette, ColorReduction, Palette optimization,
    RenderHAM, CropRectangle, Scale, and more!

  - Each function has a built-in demo-mode, showing the user the
    possibilities of that function.

  - Integrated viewer.

  The Demo Release does NOT support 24-bit images, can't save images,
  can't grab screens, does NOT handle AREXX-commands and does not
  come with a user manual.  The full version of IPR supports 24-bit
  images (with realtime color manipulation!!), can save images in all
  of the above mentioned fileformats, can grab screens, has a
  powerfull AREXX-interface and comes with an extensive manual,
  covering a lot of examples (including a short but complete
  introduction on the use of AREXX).


  IPR Demo Release is compatible with all Amiga computers equipped with
   KickStart 2.0 (v37) or higher and minimal 2 MegaBytes of memory.



  To order the full version, send an international money order to the
  above address.


  The Demo Release is free!

  All prices given including post and packaging.
  Netherlands   250 HFL
  Germany       240 DEM
  Belgium      5000 BEF
  Europe        180 US$
  GOS, Turkey   180 US$
  Other         200 US$


  Copyright (C) 1995 by Barnie Productions


  The full version of IPR was released on April 14, 1995.
  The version 1.1 release was released on November 1, 1995.

Jaco Barnhoorn, President, Barnie Productions