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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE    November 17, 1995

PRESS CONTACT: Ellen Kazmaier

tel: 314-256-9595; fax: 314-256-9595


(St.  Louis) Soft-Logik Publishing is pleased to announce the North
American release of Digita Organizer 2.0.  This is a feature update to
Organizer 1.1 and will be available in early December.

Organizer is a personal information manager (PIM) for Amiga computers.  It
uses a tabbed notebook metaphor with spiral bound pages to simplify
organizing appointments, tasks and addresses.  Organizer can remind users
of appointments and can repeat events with any frequency.  It allows users
to manage to do lists and keep track of addresses.  Custom pages can be
printed for Day-Timer(tm), Filofax(tm), Rolodex(tm), Time Manager(tm) and
other paper oganizer binders.  Organizer addresses can shared with
Datastore(tm) or mail merged with Wordworth(R) or PageStream(R).

The new features in 2.0 are: Link events, tasks and addresses to each
other; Scroll through list of Diary Events on each day.  Mark addresses on
the page; Improved DigiSense(tm) with Auto Capitalization of addresses;
Faster Supplements and Diary Themes.  Salutation field for addreses; Export
first/last name formats; Supplement navigation buttons; New Settings
options for disabling page animation and conflicting event alerts.  The
1996 Plus Pack is included at no extra charge.

Organizer 2.0 version is available as a disk upgrade for $25 directly from
Soft-Logik.  The suggested retail price is $140.  Owners of other
Soft-Logik programs may order it directly from Soft-Logik for $75.

Soft-Logik Publishing recently released Organizer 1.1.  This maintenance
uppe to Organizer 1.0 includes minor bug fixes and the primary 1996 US and
Canada diary theme.  It is intended for those customers who choose not to
upgrade to Organizer 2.0.  An online patch from the 1.0 North American
version to the 1.1 North American version will be available soon.  Updates
via disk are also available on request for a nominal disk charge of $10.

ORGANIZER 1996 PLUS PACK: This add-on package for Organizer 1.x (included
with 2.0) contains many updated themes and supplements.  It is available
separately from Soft-Logik for $15.  The included Diary themes are:
Astronomy, Born On This Day, Celebrity Birthdays, Died on This Day,
Disasters, Discoveries, Famous Battles, Firsts, Historical Days, Sporting
Events, Trivia, 9 Religious Calendars, and more.  The Supplements include:
Animals, Art, Astrology, Astronomy, Award Winners, Born on This Day,
Computers, Culture Events, Died on This Day, Disasters, Discoveries, Famous
Battles, Firsts, Gardening, Health, History, Home Hints, Hotels, Internet,
Measurement Units, Movie Classics, Music Milestones, National Country Days,
Olympics (past and Atlanta 96), Our Planet, Recipes, Registered Charities,
Religions, Restaurants, Sport, Telephone, Dialing Codes, Travelling, Radio
Stations, Social Season Events, Theatre, Telephone Numbers, Useful
Addresses, Wine Guide, and more.

Organizer 1.0 was awarded 92%% by Amiga Format and 90%% by Amiga Shopper
and is one of the best-selling Amiga applications.

Digita International is the leading publisher of Amiga productivity
software in Europe and Soft-Logik Publishing is the leading publisher of
Amiga productivity software in North America.  Soft-Logik sells and
supports Digita's Wordworth, Datastore and Organizer in the United States
and Canada, while Digita International(R) sells them in other countries.

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