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                           News & Press Releases

     SMG Press Release       A4000T systems arrive!

    N.A. Warranty Info.      One year of security...

      WOA Directions         How not to take an expensive taxi

       Organizer 2.0         New release from Digita and Soft-Logik

       Virus Checker         Source code for sale

    Networking Package       AmigaLink 2.0 and Envoy 2.0 together

        Disect v2.0          Symbolic dissassembler and debugger

     MAC Emulation Pro       EMPLANT returns...

    WB Snap Competition      IAS' competition

  IAS Global Registration    IAS wants to hear from you...

  Utilities Unlimited WWW    New site for software distribution

      Zodiac's Point         Frontend for "Z-Netz"

     IPR Demo Release        Demo of the image processor

    W.F.M.H. MaxManager      Directory tool for MAX's BBS           Who's who and what's what

    Capital Punishment       The first from "Click Boom"

    patch1230scsi 39.2       For Blizzard 1230-I and 1230-II Users

      SetMemPri v1.1         Changes priority of memory areas

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