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Nova Design, Inc. Announces ImageFX 2.1a Upgrade

For Immediate Release
Friday, October 27, 1995

Contact:  Bob Fisher
          Nova Design, Inc.
          1910 Byrd Avenue, Suite 214
          Richmond, VA  23230

Richmond, VA - October, 1995.  Nova Design, Inc.  announced that it has an
all new upgrade to their hit special effects and image processing package;
ImageFX(tm).  This upgrade is now part of any new ImageFX package and is
available free to all owners of ImageFX 2.0 who mailed in their
registration card.  A minor shipping and handling charge will apply for
mailed upgrades.  The theme of this upgrade is "Totally Toasterized!",
which is reflected in the extensive new support (since version 2.0 was
released) given to Newtek's Video Toaster(tm).  ImageFX now allows realtime
painting and image processing directly on the Toaster's output display as
well as framegrabbing and rendering to the Toaster.  Other new features

CineMatte(tm) - the Amiga's first true blue/green screen compositing

CyberGraphX - windowed full color previews for any graphics display card,
such as the Cybervision 64 and Picasso, running the Cybergraphx software

Hewlett Packard Scanjet - use the HP Scanjet SCSI Series II scanner with

Epson Scanner SCSI Support - new controls have been added to allow the use
of any Epson scanner connected via a SCSI cable in ImageFX.

PrimeraPro - print directly from ImageFX with Fargo's PrimeraPro printer.

Newtek Flyer Clip - any frame can be loaded instantly from a Flyer Clip
into ImageFX.

PNG - the new replacement for the now-defunct GIF format is fully supported
in this release of ImageFX. well as new compositing methods, PaintFX(tm) improvements, AutoFX(tm)
batch processing scripts and much more!

The upgrade patch modules will be available soon on all major computer
network services, including the Internet's Aminet FTP sites in biz/patch.

ImageFX 2.1a's suggested list price remains at $349.95.  Upgrades are only
available to registered owners of ImageFX 2.0 or higher.  To check to see
if you are registered, or order the upgrade, call; 1-800-IMAGE-69 in the
U.S. or Canada.  If you are outside this area, please call; (804)

For customer support or information call (804) 282-6528, or fax us at;
(804) 282-3768.  ImageFX, PaintFX, AutoFX and Cinematte are trademarks of
Nova Design, Inc.  Video Toaster and Toaster are trademarks of Newtek, Inc.
All other trademarks are held by their respective owners.