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    fMSX Amiga 0.7


    Hans Guijt (


fMSX Amiga emulates an MSX computer on an Amiga. Features include:

- Full emulation of the MSX1 system.
- Partial emulation of the MSX2 system (to be expanded in the future).
- Support for reading/writing MSX disks.
- Support for the SCC sound system.
- Support for MSX memory sizes of up to 4Mb.

(for those not in the know: MSX is an 8-bit computer system, similar to the

Software is not included with the package, but many packages (mostly games)
can be found on FTP sites:         /pub/msx/        /pub/MSX/                /pub/msx/            /pub/

Currently some 147 ROMs, 10 MegaROMs, and over 250 disk-based games have
been uploaded!

Of course fMSX Amiga is fully multitasking, runs in an intuition screen,
and has a font-sensitive user interface.


This version features a complete rewrite of the Z80 emulation that runs at
the core of fMSX.  The new version is slightly slower than the old one for
many tasks, but it has one big advantage: it completely eliminates the need
for 16Kb block copies.  This means that booting with MSX2 ROMs takes about
9 seconds (instead of 45), MSX-DOS becomes usable, and megaROMs run at much
greater speed than before!

Another new feature is support for the SCC sound system.  SCC was used in
some Konami games, and it looks somewhat similar to normal Amiga sound
(with sample length limited to 32 bytes).  SCC emulation is not yet
complete, currently it only emulates 4 channels rather than 5 channels and
PSG (PSG is the native MSX soundchip, it is turned off while emulating

Many MSX2 features were added.  It is now possible to boot directly in MSX2
mode (no external ROMs required), but only screens 5 and 6 are supported,
as is screen 0 (80 columns).  Support for screens 5 and 6 is very limited:
no sprites, partial blitter implementation, no line interrupts, etc.

A very special new feature is support for the v36 Amiga OS.  Past versions
of fMSX required v39, but this restriction has been eliminated, making fMSX
accessible to a much wider public.

In addition to all this it has a special mode in which it acts like a
PlaySID-like music player (it still emulates a complete MSX but it does not
draw any graphics, great for MSX sound demos).


Required are:

- Amiga OS 2.0
- 68020 processor
- 350 kilobytes chip ram
- 600 kilobytes other ram


- 68030 processor, at least 25MHz
- Those 600 kilobytes of 'other' ram had better be fast ram!

Note that fMSX Amiga does *not* require the AGA chipset.  In fact it runs
on any chipset upto and including graphics cards!


fMSX Amiga 0.7 is available from any aminet site, such as: (114682)


It's free.


fMSX Amiga 0.7 is publically supported freeware.  If you are interested in
the source, and you're not afraid of function pointers and huge amounts of
assembly intermixed with C, you can request it from me.

If someone wants to do a special version (and I can think of several
possibilities, such as a version that uses the MMU for optimized Z80
emulation, or a version that has been optimized for the CyberGfx system),
contact me.