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This is available for ftp at in

You can also take a look at them on the WWW at (go to the amiga page there).  The ftp
site is accesible from the WWW (and there's a link on my web page)


These are hires mouse pointers (that means OS3+) with a focus on fantasy
related stuff (e.g.  AD&D character classes) plus some other stuff thrown
in like sci-fi (right now a cross between TSR's "new" Buch Rodgers, G.I.  
Joe, and Star Wars) and believe it or not even some Christian related

POINTERS (* = new to this version):

Fantasy: Cleric, Bard, Thief (Kender), two "generic" fighters, a ninja
fighter, Paladin, Ranger, and Mage

Fantasy Monsters(*): Megalo-centipede 

Sci-Fi(*): SWAT and Shock assault warriors

Christian(*): Jesus on the cross with Mother Mary and some lightning; comes
in a regular color schem and an "antique photo" color scheme.


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