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                  Intangible Assets Manufacturing Announces

                   Ami-FileSafe available in North America
          Eight Freely Redistributable Disks to Connect Your Amiga!
                       IAM's New European Distribution


Drexel Hill, PA (27 September, 1995) Intangible Assets Manufacturing today
announced that it has started shipping Ami-FileSafe to dealers and
end-users in North America.

Upgrade your Amiga's performance and reliability with new system software
-- replace FFS with a faster, high data-integrity filesystem.  With
Ami-FileSafe (AFS), your directory listings will be smoothly displayed, and
software accessing the disk will run faster.  More importantly, AFS ensures
your data is safe from invalidation caused by machine crashes and
accidental reboots.  AFS is always validated -- you will never have to put
up with invalid disks again.  The consumer version is limited to one 650mb
(or smaller) HD.  The professional version, perfect for video and audio and
other intensive use, includes support for HDs to 9gigs and multi-user

Independent tests reported by CU/Amiga magazine show AFS using 7-11% less
disk space, with write times up to six times faster, and read times up to
twice as fast as the best previous file systems.  CU/Amiga tested AFS
reliability by resetting, powering dow n and removing SCSI cables while
writing to the drives.  "Not once through all these heinous eye watering
tests could we corrupt the AFS partitions!"

List prices are: Consumer $40, Professional $99.95.

(An AFS FAQ is available on both our Web site and our FTP site.)

  8 FRD Disks 2 CYA

Drexel Hill, PA (15 September, 1995) Intangible Assets Manufacturing today
announced the availability of it's "Eight Freely Redistributable Disks to
Connect Your Amiga!"

Save yourself the inconvenience of having to download all the files you'll
need to get started on the information highways.  We've done it for you.  
Terminal programs, Internet programs (TCP/IP, SLIP, PPP, Web, etc.), virus
checkers, compression utilities a nd more.  Our charge for the disk set is
a service and media charge, not a purchase of the software itself.  IAM is
not the author of any of this software.  Some is shareware and requires
that you pay a registration fee direct to the author for continued use ,
some is completely free.  Sold as-is, without support from IAM.  $27 disks
only, or $49.95 for a package including the disk set and the book "Connect
Your Amiga!  A Guide to the Internet, LANs, BBSs and Online Services."

  European Distribution

Drexel Hill, PA (15 September, 1995) Intangible Assets Manufacturing today
announced that it has concluded a distribution agreement with Fourth Level
Development in the UK.

IAM will be the exclusive North American distributor for Fourth Level
Development products, particularly Ami-FileSafe.

Fourth Level Development will be the exclusive European distributor for IAM
products.  It will also be extending it's distribution throughout the rest
of the world exclusive of North America.

Dale L.  Larson, el Presidente, Intangible Assets Manufacturing, said, "We
are pleased to be working with Fourth Level because of their high standards
of professionalism in the Amiga market.  This deal works for everyone
involved.  Our products will see furt her economies of scale and wider
distribution.  Fourth Level will increase their product line.  Our current
distributors will continue to get good prices and will get improved service
through the better physical proximity of FLD.  Our customers will be able
to get product more easily and less expensively.  Everyone wins."

See our Web page or AmigaGuide catalog for a complete list of distributors.

  Contact Information

  Intangible Assets Manufacturing  (the best and latest info)  (AmigaGuide catalog/ordering information) (infobot)

828 Ormond Avenue
Drexel Hill, PA 19026-2604

tel +1 610 853 4406 (orders only)
fax +1 610 853 3733

All IAM products are available from Amiga dealers world-wide.  If your
dealer doesn't stock our products, ask her to.  Europeans must order
through our European distributors.  North Americans may purchase direct
from IAM as well as from their dealers.

IAM also publishes "Connect Your Amiga!  A Guide to the Internet, LANs,
BBSs and Online Services", "Eight Freely Redistributable Disks to Connect
Your Amiga!," DiskSalv3, Amiga Envoy 2.0b, and "The Deathbed Vigil...  and
other tales of digital angst," and the "Connect Your Amiga" T-Shirt.  It
distributes Ami-FileSafe.  Dale L.  Larson, el Presidente, IAM, is a former
Software Engineer with Commodore's West Chester R&D facility, is the author
of many Amiga articles and an Amiga book, and has spoken at dozens of Amiga
shows and conferences.

  Fourth Level Development (coming soon!)

31 Ashley Hill Montpelier
Bristol England BS6 5JA

tel +44 117 955 8225
fax +44 117 955 9157