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amiCheck v1.80 - checkbook/account manager os2.04+



The demo version is fully functional except there is a limitation of 30
transactions.  A key file is used to remove the limitation.


Shareware, registered version available from the author:

Douglas M. Dyer
5124 Observation Way
Alexandria, VA 22312
Attn: amiCheck

Registration involves receiving a keyfile.  The keyfile may be used to
download all future updates of amiCheck and register them by plugging in
your key.

This is not the same program as "Ami-Check", a circa-1990 (?) program by
Jeff Hoag.



Douglas M. Dyer


amiCheck is an easy checkbook/ Account package for OS2.04+ systems.  It has
many automation capabilities and can be driven almost entirely by keyboard
if desired.  The interface is font-sensitive, style-guide compliant. 


Below list briefly some additions since the last post here.   (which was

* Budget grouping
* ARexx
  + Internal as well as external control
  + Final Data Export and other macros provided
* On-line, context-sensitive help
* Check printing
  + Printer-check construction to support custom forms
    or to modify an existing one to suit your taste or printer.
  + 1-800 number to order free sample checks for amiCheck 
    (good for either the demo or registered version), or real
    printer checks (including optional custom artwork :)
* Various data-entry features added (including GUI enhancements)
* Import/export
* New preference settings and tooltypes/cli parameters
* Screen mode options

... etc.

If you are a registered user before the keyfile system was adopted, contact
me and I will email you your keyfile.


AmigaOS 2.04 and better


A full demo is available on AMINET.
One such site is (

The file name there is amicheck1_80.lha, and is 239309 bytes.
It will be located in the /pub/aminet/biz/misc directory.

The URL listing is: (239309)


The registered version is $25.00 in the US exchange rate.  Money orders,
Euro checks, personal checks (US or foreign) accepted. 


The demo on aminet is freely distributable, the registered version
"keyfiles" are not.

amiCheck is Copyright (C) 1994,1995 Douglas M. Dyer