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Oliver Rummeyer
Hochbergstrasse 49/1
D-88213 Ravensburg



RO is a new Intuition-controlled, fully user-configurable file manager for
OS 2.04 and newer.  You can use RO to copy, move, rename or delete files,
and you can perform a filetype sensitive action command (e.g.  show
pictures or texts, play sounds, etc with one single command button) on
files via GUI.

RO's mighty features will assist and help you on your daily work with your
Amiga.  With RO there is no need to learn those cryptic shell commands,
because you have the complete power of your Amiga in one hand.

Some features are:

o uses MUI
o very small executable
o highly configurable
o user configurable filetypes
o supports datatypes
o supports XPK, PP and ARCHandler
o path name completer
o more than 50 internal commands
o user menu support
o hotkey & hotdir support
o powerful arexx port
o very fast directory and file operations
o appicon launches progs for defined filetypes
o english, french and german documentation & catalog
o supports middle mouse button
o nice preference program


- Version 1.10 (16.10.95)

o Included preference program.
o Config now stored in 'ENV:RO/'
o Fixed some minor bugs.
o Catalog files changed.
o Minor code cleanup.
o Added config variable FRAMES.
o Added config variable MIDDLEMOUSE.
o Config supports '^' as esc character.
o Other minor changes.


RO requires Magic User Interface (MUI) version 2.3 or later.


RO 1.10 is available on Aminet, e.g. (299811)


Shareware fee US$ 20 or 30,- DM 


Shareware, RO 1.10 is (c) 1994,1995 by Oliver Rummeyer