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UniversalXiPaintModule for XiPaint 3.x




Helmut Hoffmann
Rubensstrasse 4
41063 Moenchengladbach



An universal picture loader module for XiPaint supporting over 20 file
formats.  Module is designed for very high loading speed and support of
many picture file format variants (see below for detailed list).

In addition the module supports loading of pictures by Datatypes.

Internally supported formats for loading:

1) IFF-ILBM (1 to 24Bit incl. HAM6/HAM8)
2) PhotoCD (Base format 768x512 or 512x768 (portrait))
3) PPM/PGM/PBM (P1&P4 b&w, P5 grey, P6 color)
4) QRT (also known as dump format by PD raytracers as POV-Ray)
5) Targa (compressed & uncompressed)
6) PCX (compressed & uncompressed)
7) BMP (compressed & uncompressed)
8) TIF (packbit-compr./uncompr.)
9) EGS7.x window icons
10) DEEP (compressed & uncompressed)
11) YUV
12) VLAB raw
13) RGB
14) HHsYUVSq sequence format
16) ACBM
17) FBM
18) Sun raster (uncompressed)
19) MacPaint (b&w compressed 1Bit format; datafork only)
20) HHsXRL formats
21) binary-EPS bitmaps (RGB and CMYK)
22) TBCPlus frames

The additional DataType support extends this list by many formats;
DataTypes can e.g.  be found on Aminet in util/DType.  The DataType support
is very fast, so that you can also view pictures in GIF or other formats
quite fast for which Datatypes exist.

The module can be used with both older XiPaints (3.0/3.1: invocation of the
module with an included ARexx script) and newer XiPaints (3.2 and up:
direct support of external loader modules).


New since V2.0: Direct external module support for XiPaint 3.2


XiPaint 3.x (commercial painting program)


Any Aminet site


Shareware fee:

  Special add-on price: 10DM or 8US$ (only valid if you order the module
  together with one of my shareware programs EGS-TV, EGSPhotoAlbum or
  Registration of just the module: 20DM (europe) or 18US$ (worldwide)
  Registration of the module if you are already registered user of one of
  my shareware programs EGS-TV, EGSPhotoAlbum or CyberShow: 15DM (europe)
  or 13US$ (worldwide)


Copyright by Helmut Hoffmann 1995

Limited demo version is freely distributable; registered users
will receive a keyfile which enables all features.


The freely distributable version has some restrictions (all pictures will
only be loaded in greyscales) which disappear after you pay the shareware
fee and receive a special personal keyfile (together with the latest
version).  Once registered, you can use new freely distributable versions
as update with your keyfile.

A similair loader module is also available for ImageFX (FastIFXModules46)
and PhotoGenics (UniversalGIO 2.0).