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AudioLab16 Release2: 16bit non-linear editing/DSP system

An hard-disk based 16bit audio recording, editing, processing, mixing
system, originally designed for AAA / 3210DSP equipped machines, now
available on standard Amigas.  Operations are performed directly from/to
hard-disk (DD), in 16bit resolution (or more), mostly with real-time
playback (RT).

- RT DD 16/32bit DSP operations
  Invert,reverse,normalize,gate,FIR filter,reverberate,
  delay,flange,multiflange,fade,pitch-shift,time compress/
  expand,sample-rate convert,interpolate,decimate,distort,
  hum-remove,quantize 16bit recordings.
- RT DD non-destructive editing
- RT DD multitrack drag-and-drop timecoded editing
- RT DD multitrack mixing with stereo pan controls
- RT DD synchronizing to Arexx,MIDI or keyboard events
- RT DD samplepoint format convertion
- RT DD playback/record in PC,MAC,Amiga formats
- Interactive graphic access to on-disk recordings
- AudioCD control/playback/direct-digital-tranfer-to-HD
  using SCSI CDROM drives.
- Automatic or interactive FIR filter design
- Test signals generation
- Import/export from/to PC,MAC,Amiga formats
- Support for 16bit audio boards via drivers
- SoftMary 16bit emulation for Paula
- System-friendly,multitasking,graphic boards compatible
- on-line-hyperdocumentation

*** New on Release2 ***

- Complete RT DD 16bit non-linear time-line editing system:
  - 8 tracks edit list playback / 16 tracks edit list editing
  - complete drag&drop mouse control (time slipping,cloning,
    aligning,...) for events and tracks
  - clear/cut/copy/paste/insert/multi-insert on up to 16 tracks
    at the same time
  - indipendent track write-protect capabilities
  - double timecode notation (hh:mm:ss:ff and bars:beats:clocks)
    with snap-to-grid capabilities
  - indipendent event level and stereo pan controls, indipendent
    track level and stereo pan controls, master level control.
  - mute and solo controls for any track
  - insertion/retrival of user defined labels onto the time-line
  - time-line view snapshot-bank: immediate recall via F-keys
- RT DD pitch shifter with 0.1% resolution on a (-12,+12)
  semitones interval
- RT DD non-integer sample rate converter
- Enhanced DSP support for Sunrize Studio16 users
- I/O format: MAUD 8/16bit, MAESTRO 8/16bit now available during
  read/playback/write operations.
- Internal format: AIFF16,MAUD16,MAESTRO16 freely intermixed
  during read/playback/write operations
- Stereo 16bit file interleaver/deinterleaver
- 16bit stereo file playback with RT stereo enhancer
- New tone generator and sweep generator compatible with AD516,
  AD1012,Toccata,Maestro hardware clocks
- more...


Firstly registered users will get their upgrades, then the Junior version
will be uploaded to Aminet as audiolr2.lha (November).


The author can be contacted, via the Internet<>Fidonet gateway, at:


For informations about drivers for audioboards (they are developed by 3rd
parties and aren't included into the AudioLab16 package) please contact Mr.
Peter Urbanec at: