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Amiga Elm


8  (8.20)


Andreas M. Kirchwitz


AmigaElm is an "Electronic Mail Reader" which allows you to read and write
mail.  Normally you'd need a properly installed UUCP or IP package (eg,
AmigaUUCP, Feulner-UUCP, Dillon-UUCP, wUUCP or AmiTCP plus INetUtils) to
receive and send mail, but AmigaElm is highly configurable so that you can
take a mail-folder from a UNIX box, answer the messages and bring the
answers back to the UNIX box.

AmigaElm is easy to install and to use.  The user interface is very
intuitive and similar to the well-known UNIX "elm".  Beginners can control
all basic functions with menus and some nice GadTools requesters.  Advanced
users can use aliases, prioritized message tagging, various filename-offers
when saving messages and lots of options to configure AmigaElm to fit your
needs.  In a system with multiple users, AmigaElm allows separate
configuration files for each user.

AmigaElm can be invoked in a special "terminal mode" (all input/output
from/to console).  This is useful for running AmigaElm in the current shell
window or over a serial line (eg, with AUX-Handler).

AmigaElm offers basic internal MIME (multimedia mail) functionality (eg,
sending 8-bit-text and binaries over 7-bit-lines) and supports "MetaMail"
(a full-featured package for handling all kinds of MIME messages -- also
available on AmiNet, see section "AVAILABILITY") and "ReqTools" library 2.x
(reqtools.library is included).

AmigaElm has built-in support for cryptographic applications (eg, PGP).  
Encryption and decryption of messages is user-configurable.


Changes since version 7:  (summary)
- New config variable to iconify Elm's window with close gadget.
- Enhanced "get-string" code to get string from user in terminal mode.
- Built-in function "jump to msg #" now allows to edit the first digit
  you've typed.
- After changing the folder ("c") Elm was sometimes confused if it
  should store read mail really in the received folder or if the
  current folder already was a received folder. This has been fixed,
  neither Elm nor its author can be confused any longer ;-)
- Some changes in documentation.

(see file "History.Txt" for complete list of changes)


AmigaOS 2.0 (or higher)

And for normal usage: a properly installed UUCP or IP package.  But can be
configured to run without a UUCP or IP package for processing ready-made
mail-folders (eg, from your work or university).


FTP/Internet: AmiNet and mirrors (214025)

UUCP/E-Mail :

  Send mail to the address above and put the line "send
  /pub/aminet/comm/mail/AmigaElm-v8.lha" in the body.


Shareware, Copyright by Andreas M. Kirchwitz
Source code only available to registered users.