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(and InfraJoy hardware design)


(and InfraJoy version 4.0b)




Leon Woestenberg (
Jeroen Steenblik (


The InfraRexx software along with the InfraJoy hardware serve as an
ARexx-Infrared interface, that adds the function of an infrared remote
controller to your Amiga, and more.

With this software and hardware you can:

o Control external audio/video devices via ARexx commands.
o Control Amiga programs via a common remote control unit.
o Learn and edit new remote control infrared commands.

For example you can control a moduleplayer via your compact disc player
remote control unit.  Or, control your video tape recorder via a graphic
user interface or an ARexx script.

The main features are:

o Seperate editor (with learner) and ARexx host commodity.
o Multitasking-friendly infrared sampling monitor, with very
  low system overhead during monitoring; can also be disabled.
o Font-sensitive, style-compliant graphic user interface.
o Supports localization under Workbench 2.1 (or better).
o Uses AmigaOS 3.x functions and gadtools features if present.
o Modular lowcost hardware for joystickport, with throughput.
o Uses the Amiga Installer Utility to install onto (hard)disk.


o Sizeable main window.
o Added Commodore CDTV codeset.
o Added codeset for Reflex television.
o Added codeset for Samsug video cassette recorder.
o Several small bugfixes and optimalizations.


InfraRexx needs at least AmigaOS version 2.04, and the commodity needs
RexxMast to be running in order to be useful.  The software is useless
without the small InfraJoy hardware add-on, off which the design and full
building instructions are included.  The hardware can also be ordered from
one of the authors.

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Free.  The optional registration fee is USD 10.  The minimal required
hardware costs about USD 10 if self-built.  The complete hardware can be
ordered for the amount of USD 28, which offers free registration and one
free update.


Freeware; freely distributable software and hardware design.  InfraRexx
Copyrights 1994-1995 by Leon Woestenberg.  InfraJoy hardware design
Copyrights 1994-1995 by Jeroen Steenblik and Leon Woestenberg.