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Upgrade from AmiQWK to THOR - discount

THOR is the premium offline reader on the Amiga, supporting a wide range of
formats like SOUP, UUCP, QWK, Fido, TCP/IP Mail/News (SMTP, POP, NNTP),
Bluewave, ABBS/MBBS, Hippo and Omen.

As many of you know, Jim Dawson will not make any new versions of AmiQWK on
the Amiga.  As a courtesy to registered AmiQWK users, we are now offering a
$10 discount to register THOR for registered users of AmiQWK.

If you are a registered AmiQWK user and want to use this offer to upgrade
to THOR for a discount on the registration price, you must do the

- Follow the instructions in and send the registration fee to
  Eivind Nordseth.

- Instead of sending $30, which is the normal fee for registering THOR,
  send $20.  This is a $10 discount for registered user of AmiQWK.

- Please make sure that your full name, address, postal code, city and
  country is included.  If you have an Internet email address, please
  include that one too.  Make sure you include your AmiQWK serial
  registration number and your key ID.

This offer is only valid when using our central registration site in

The THOR team would like to thank Jim Lawson for his long support of the
Amiga and for providing us with his registration database.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

For the THOR Team,

    Petter Nilsen

THOR support               :
THOR WWW page              :
BBS                        : Ultima Thule BBS: +47-776-13205/+47-776-81999
Mailing list subscription  :
                             In the body: "sub thor-l Firstname Lastname"
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