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C-Shell (csh)




Andreas M. Kirchwitz (csh 5.20+),
based on csh 5.19 by Urban D. Mueller



C-Shell is a replacement for the AmigaDOS command line interface.  Many
builtin Unix-like commands, very fast script language, file- name
completion, command-name completion, comfortable command line editing,
pattern matching, AUX: mode, object oriented file classes, abbreviation of
internal and external commands.  Supports multiple users.

C-Shell is easy to install and to use.  Online help for all commands,
functions and various subjects.  ARP-free!


Changes since version 5.42 (summary):
- Redirected output to a file can now be examined by other programs
   while Cshell is still filling up the file. (files for redirection
   are now opened "shared" instead of "exclusivly")
- Enhanced pipe functionality. Made "echo mem | csh" work again.
- Built-in command "copy" now has (optional) new output format which
   prints full path of files being copied. (just try option "-x")
- Supports "muSetProtection" if MultiUser is installed.
- Built-in commands "chown" and "chgrp" now accept also user and group
   names (as well as numerical IDs). Does only work with "MultiUser".
- Fixed bug in built-in commands "chown" and "chgrp" which could crash
   under OS 2.x.
- Fixed fatal bug if non-interactive input line was too long.
- New option "-t" for built-in command "sleep": wait ticks.
- Built-in command "window" resizes/moves window much more faster now.
- Built-in command "version" now behaves more like Commodore's
   command "version".
- Fixed a problem with localized date strings.

See file "HISTORY" in archive csh548.lha for complete listing of changes
and new features.


AmigaOS 2.0 (or higher)


FTP/Internet: AmiNet and mirrors (201791) (144892)

UUCP/E-Mail :

  Send mail to the address above and put the
  line "send /pub/aminet/util/shell/csh548.lha"
  in the body. (same for "csh548src.lha")

The archive "csh548.lha" contains binary and documentation, while
"csh548src.lha" contains C source code (for SAS/C 6).


  Freely distributable, Copyright by the individual authors.